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Sixty two I'm accu weather strip Shayla news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. sixty two and I'll grow sixty one original sixty one in Sacramento and he's ninety three point one K. if the case we continue to follow this high speed chase that is now in full some southbound on Folsom Boulevard just the well yeah yeah yeah I guess just south of where you come in the fall some off of green back in Madison this is going to very high rate of speed there was a police officer with the siren on who is following this car if you're in that area gives southbound Folsom Boulevard heading toward fifty be very very careful this is a silver sedan that is driving very a radically very quickly and you want to stay safe in that area will stay on top of it if you are some place safe where you have access to a computer we are streaming I understand a video of this on on our Facebook page and that's of course KFBK in other news the federal government is beginning to ban a wreck a regulate rather vaping products the trump administration will ban all flavors of vaping cartridges like jewel except those sold in vape shops as refillable vape devices and those with menthol and tobacco flavoring health and Human secretary Alex ETS are announced the ban president trump and America's public health officials will not stand idly by as a new generation of Americans becomes addicted to tobacco products and they could take president Donald Trump and America's public health officials say that they will not stand idly by the band could just be a temporary products may be allowed back on the market after a review by the federal drug administration several Katusha rockets have been fired at Baghdad airport causing multiple casualties of the tensions with the U. S. reports of rockets fired in Baghdad defense secretary mark asper and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark Millie briefed reporters today at the Pentagon and address the situation in the Middle East ABC's Karen Travers with more defense secretary mark as per said today the US has sent seven hundred fifty troops to Kuwait to reinforce American facilities and protect personnel in the region calling it a defensive mission as was at the Pentagon is still assessing whether to deploy the additional forces that have been placed on alert status telling reporters they're taking it day by day and are prepared if necessary as was that he believed the Iranian backed militia group in a rock will respond after last weekend's U. S. airstrikes but says quote they will likely regret it Karen Travers ABC news Washington and I do want to update this car chase of the chase of the vehicle a silver sedan with fulsome police in behind the car has now gone off Folsom Boulevard southbound on to highway fifty west bound it is on the on ramp on to west bound fifty of that could be a major traffic hazard here in this could mean of the speeds would get even higher as the car approaches the freeway once again there is one fulsome police unit on the tail of this silver sedan which right now is merging onto what S. bound fifty from full symbol of art if you.

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