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You're listening on the bridge but your shirt on the sugar chairs too i'll be these shape is she asked army listen i've seen a lot of guys on a beach near the bestlooking warns don't help show seer others leave limited there yeah brother should dave mcmanaman with the story in the opinion who cover any covers the cavaliers various preempt that the the abroad james will end up somewhere else not necessarily this year you're at some point abroad is gonna leave cleveland verse ecotype so we thought what if lebrun left cleveland now or after the series will let a play games five where would the three best places be for lebrun togo for whatever reason booger or myself thinks what would be the three best landings box if he left right now it is hot lives the latest berg let's go yougofirst number three thirdbest landing spot for abroad should he leave cleveland after this season i'm going to start with worry one of his buddies is right now nets carmelo anthony in new york and i think a lot of things fit one carmelo their number two it's a huge market number three people look on the biggest stage in what are we always say you need time it you want to tap into an untapped media mark what i go to be number warm marked in the country in that's in new york by the way i think feel jackson even though he's not coaching could count way a little bit of may be having lebrun play for one of the masterminds of a basketball of this game i wonder if lebrun would try to avoid playing for phil jackson even though is not a head coach because that was michael and brought michel lebrun wants to be on the same page or plane as michael big you don't go play for the guy that coach michael just a thought i could be dead wrong that and have nothing that may have nothing to do with anything but you say new york uh might over three i wanted to go.

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