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Totally if the ruptured al franken i saw a hate tony the queen of england is getting a raised to ninety seven million per year tony kornheiser never should have broken up with a president makes we look this up to fifty thousand four hundred thousand dollars realize four thousand dollars so if the president makes wanted thousand and the queen of england makes ninety seven million he answered a who's more debatable is the point ninety seven million dollars worth what i was every time i was there she said has that'll blow after that i haven't seen that we have some good night's together different than some of fifty two runs repeat the boys and girls will bond has the day off but on a big nba day i am lucky to be joined by man of poverty leak the new york daily news mr frank i saw and we begin today with a very surprising news at the los angeles clippers up traded chris paul to the houston rockets paul reportedly hit informed the clippers of his intend to leave for houston as a free agent so facing losing paul entirely the clippers made a trade will reportedly get patrick beverley lou williams and some other stuff frank this chris paul playing the same backcourt as james harden make any send you don't want i'm always of the belief that great players can make it work they made it work in miami obviously they made it working golden state now james harden is a ball dominant point guard as he had a career year last year esi dominating the ball in terms of time of possession analyst at that you love he led the league in time of possession of chris paul was about seven i think mike antoni could make a work though because you know what when it got to the playoffs game six against san antonio harden was shut down now at least you have to stars out there.

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