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Ok, well, er on KNBR effort. Let's go, baby. How's San Francisco Little Speedway, The motor racing network with live flag the flag coverage of the Daytona 500. We are live. It is just past midnight on the East Coast. There are 16 laps to go. Joey Logano is leading the event. It was rain delayed. Over five hours and 40 minutes. We finally drop the green flag and we have been racing ever since again. Glad to have you good morning to everybody listening to us on the East Coast. Come down to a shootout. There are 13 cars running right together. Alex. Aiden. They absolutely are running nose to tail working their way up off of turn Number four here a Daytona down to the line. 15 laps to go. Rusty. When is it? Time to go Say if you're running back in the 10th spot, it's time to go right now. I wrote down my progressive keys in a race. Hey, with 10 to 15 laps, you let her go. And for Denny Hamlin. It's time for him to go right now. He lied. He needs to make a move to see if he can do anything. He needs to get bubble Wallace of Health and even though Bubba is off, laugh down right now, that's what he needs. But the thing is crazy to me. Is that bubbles in front of Denny? You think the bubble would try to get behind Denny and help him and push him through the field? I don't know what they're thinking right now, but I do know one thing. If you're in the back of the pack, it's time to go right now. You've got to get up front. That's rusty Wallace alongside his Alex hating My name is Jeff Strangle Dave Moody. Mike Bagley. Kyle Ricky there in the turns Tonight, Steve Post. Dylan Welch Kim kun there on pit road. It is all beginning to wind down now with 14 laps to go, 12 cars running in a pack. Ad bubble Wallace into that ad, Christopher Bell into that, and all of a sudden you've got day three. Toyota's at the back of the field that may just hook up together. You read my mind, Jeff. No doubt about it. Hello, Wallace. Christopher Bell, both one lap down right now. Outstanding grafting partners for Denny Hamlin. If he needs the interesting thing about Denny Hamlin, he's not able to keep close on Bubba..

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