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I mean russia investigation about trump and his family about their dealings with moisture faith which is a sherman you there are the lender who finance major real estate projects for the trump organization over the last 20 30 years three hundred million dollars trump a supposedly a oaths to do what your bank on properties in that sounds like a ton of money always got all that debt but hale one building could be worth five six hundred million dollars literally i mean trump tower i don't know what it's worth but it's over its it's well into the hundreds of millions of dollars so you know you could over fifty million on that fifty million over here on buildings worth a quarter billion dollars that's not a lot of money if you think about it in terms of leverage and the revenue those those assets are earning now the bank has rejected a request by house democrats on this this is jet this just shows you the house democrats asked for it now muller asked ford and deutsche bank says they'll they'll cooperate but this is the kind of thing what next are you going to do a cavity search to see you know what what what's inside his colon in a colon asta me see what he ate maybe maybe you can prove he was actually doing what they said he was doing in that russian dossier and this is out of hand there is another point i always make when deutsche bank comes up in the news about this kind of stuff because our deutsche it sounds very foreign ray i it is not a stretch to say that almost everyone listening to this show and most every american that's had a mortgage over the last two or three decades has either came very very close the door at your bank or has had that mortgage underwritten and backed by them you may not know that at home mortgage was almost entirely.

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