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You sound you saying that you my momma raised me on this one Christmas album. So until I play that I just Barbara Streisand Christmas an unexpected answer. Yeah. For sure when he's an unexpected got Julia Roberts says a special guests. Yep. Have you you know, that Jason momoa in real life is married to Lisa. Who was once married to Lenny Kravitz, Lisa and Jason momoa are the best looking couple that have ever walked the face of the earth their children are beautiful. They're beautiful. Yes. Yeah. Was on the Cosby show. Right. She was. Yeah. She they have two children together. But they just recently got married. They've been together. I think for like twelve or thirteen years, maybe, but they just got married shape. Jason momoa is very attractive. And I've told you about the show before it's called frontier. Yes. It's about the for trade with the British. Okay. Sounds boring. But he's the star it he is a beast. Like, you miss that dude? I mean, he will come in like rip your head off. I believe it. What do you make it a Facebook? I don't see either one attractive. Definitely the guys know creepy and then Lisa Luna. She's much older. She's old. She was on the Cosby show. Oh, all derby. But she's not have you seen her, Jerry, of course. Yeah. I mean, I still think so Gara and Al from true butter are the best looking. They come in close. Yeah. Jason momoa when I first saw him. I think they do look scary. Totally see how women are like he's red. He's rugged. He pulls that hair back into a ponytail, tons of hair. He was in game of thrones. I don't see. I cannot get enough. I saw that couple walking down the street. I would not look twice that. They were good looking. I'm sorry. They do dress. Like, I want to say hippie. But it's also more on the homeless side. Grungy a little bit scary, attractive your mind. The mysterious the mystery of why women like him. Cannot be alone here. No, I've seen Meam saying like, yeah. I want to go to a. Take it off command because women cannot get enough. But he doesn't have a dad. Bob dot body. He has a straight up built bots. I mean, he's an exception to the rule. Too much muscle. He has a lot of muscle, but he's also aquaman. So I understand why taller to look like a little short like beefcakes pick you up and do what? Just as sex appeal is through the roof and you against the wall. Kadian all about will music through hard times. I know. Wow. While someone comes along that just does it for me this Jason momoa dot. You're definitely not alone. Not alone. No. That is the exact opposite than me. Unfortunately, it is. I can never slam. Anybody up again? Really slamming. To kiss you. Jason. Put you in bed. Other Hollywood news Miley Cyrus was on the tonight show last night and said that her mother Tisch is a bigger stonier than she is my mom's a big star. I remember when I started smoking, we I mean, she thought I was like growing little horns and just becoming the devil. And now, she's more pot than.

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