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The book of my life to save that pleading the fifth thing I'm gonna have to go with a good solid for in may nineteen eighty eight people magazine reported the Barbra Streisand was pressuring you to marry her in a late summer ceremony was there ever a moment where Streisand wanted you to propose and is it something you were ever seriously considering doing that didn't happen that did not happen no no she was not pressuring you to no she was not pressuring me to get married we were married but with no pressure he is okay the last time you were here he told a story about how Jimi Hendrix discovered you in the bathroom with the substance on your nose which she wiped off for you what is your second craziest celebrity story involving Iraq's biggest celebrity I'll tell you Willie Nelson I got high with will yeah we got no no but it but you know me in with Willie I mean it's kind of a foregone conclusion you drink a lot of coffee and smoke a lot of weeds yeah I mean does it says story well he was so how long he's been famous who and what was he maybe in is early thirties on Miami Vice here he was you know how are my landlord ice was in like LEDs yeah like he was in his early thirties and you know one of the question I know he was in Hollywood longer than that be I mean because he was got together with Mel Melanie Griffith she was like started dating her when he was like eighteen and she was like forty on the mat yeah he is a married and divorced twice yes so Sonny Crockett was the role you know that the other actor played a Miami Vice home Michael killing my great timing on this and he said in the question to was do you stay in touch with your costar and he said he's a dear dear friend we used we talked fairly frequently we worked fourteen to sixteen hours a day for five years I mean member of that was a bad on Miami beach was filmed one of the opening scenes is in front of the Versace mansion that's very and I'm he said we didn't have one argument not one disagree it we have each other's backs we would protect the chemistry and brotherhood was great number of people dressed like remember this yes do you have I was going to see what's his name James Spader and platinum paying very Miami Vice the white look for the next cut down the mother he was thirty five thirty five okay so that's you know that's a good age for getting famous was any plans for a lie and we so you plan on bringing on your son people say he looks so much like you during your Miami Vice thank you thank you for the question you know ever since I left the show there's been chatter about us booting the show and we're we're still talking about it if if I were to do if I were to include my son I do a spin off called son of sunny I like that I don't know I don't know if you can do you see here they're required Miami Vice yeah you know thing going on he does yeah so let's listen listen express okay what are you most excited about working with she began on your Nash bridges reboot and did you two ever okay that after work on the original show the amber pretty much I didn't really are you your rebooting us which is yeah no.

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