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France, Evelyn in bobby's women lead intimates company creates beautiful purposeful products to make women's lives better. They've created the best underwear ever combining you meek, softness with smooth flat seems that offer fit so comfortable. You'll forget you're wearing them. Evelyn and Bobby comes in three silhouettes and one size that it's many with four way stretch moves with you. I will tell you, I wear Evelyn and Bobby underwear, and it is so comfortable. You really don't know that you have it on, is it Evelyn? Bobby dot com. That's e. l. y. n. b. o. b. b. i. e. dot com and use code Neg to get a free pair of underwear with any purchase. That's twenty eight dollars value only when you use the code Meg at Evelyn, Bobby dot com. Make birthday memories that will last a lifetime. At Bill, the bear workshop during their birthday month. Kids get to count their candles before making their own birthday, treat. Bear the birthday treat. Bear is Nate just for birthdays and only costs as much as the age. Your child is celebrating. If your child's turning five, the birthday treat bear only costs five dollars, visit build a bear dot com to become a bonus club member for free and learn more about all the fun ways to celebrate birthdays at build a bear workshop. For sturdy plus years. I've seen every type of child grow up instead of giving me what I wanted. She gave me what I needed, which was truth down that emotions win, lead truth, do your very bad, then you have a lot of fun while you do it the better you get at something, the more fun. You're gonna have something you moms and dads are wired with everything. You need to be a parent to a great kid. Welcome to parenting. Great kids. This is episode number sixty, seven, and I'm your host, Dr Meg meeker today we'll be talking about rediscovering your marriage in the midst of motherhood. Before we get into our show today, I would like to tell you about our guest Becky, Thomson author of love unending, rediscovering your marriage in the midst of motherhood..

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