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It's what I use express V._P._N.. Dot Com slash twig league and by the way not only is the best securest V._p._N.. It's also the fastest because they've got so many servers. They really work hard to make sure that years no penalty to use express V._p._n.. That you're on the Internet the same way you would be without apps. One Button Click APPS for every platform so it's very easy to start and stop the V._p._n.. Service and it less than seven dollars a month. It's very affordable now. You're GonNa say I know you. Do I hear it but Leo I know about the X._y._Z. V._p._N.. That's cheap. It's free yeah. Well believe it costs money to run that V._P._N.. It's free because they're doing something like injecting ads selling your information no good v._p._n.. Service is going to be free. Expressed V._p._N.. Is a very fair seven dollars a month and it has a thirty day money back guarantee. It's actually less less than seven look. If you get the one year package. You'll get three extra months free and that makes it even more affordable express V._p._n.. Dot Com slash twit. You GotTa Use that Address Express V._p._N.. Dot Com slash twig three extra months free with a one year package wjr now. I've been saying this for months. I've been saying for Years Express V._P._N.. Is the most private does not log <hes> read the privacy policy you could see they are absolutely pure as a driven snow and now we know thanks to you an independent audit from P W._c.. That Express V._p._N.. Number one on tech radar's also completely secure and private. I love that Express V._p._N.. You'd have to trust me. You'd have to trust anybody you you can believe it. Experts Spitz is right there. P._W._S.'s Report Express V._P._N.. Dot Com slash twig. Here's the article in Tech Radar Pro Express V._p._N.. Latest V._P._N.. Provider to get audited and by the way this is <hes> this is tech writer who does Rate Express V._p._n.. Their number one provider so that's awesome really awesome. <hes> thank you everybody for listening to the show today for Using Express V._p._n.. Piano Oliver Sponsors before we go though we've got to get Kevin's stuff his pick of the week Mister title so yeah I'm going along with my community college theme. <hes> I mentioned on doing doing <hes> abstract data structures programming <hes> founded open source ide- that we use and it's actually very functional not the kind of functions where you would create a big application but for learning it's actually fantastic because of the bugger is open source which kind of fits in with a lot of the things we talked about. It's called J. Grasp. It's made by the University of aw I'm sorry Auburn University <hes> yeah but this is based on a clip so the idea is is clips in this no this is bill zone thing in Java interesting and it runs on the Java virtual machine it can use it to program just about anything but the <hes> the viewer where you can like with <hes>. They have a blog in for eclipse but they have their own idea. Okay I mean I it's just amazing to look inside a data structure for example thousand array and see what's in each thing as the as you run each line of code. The visuals actually changes the buggers show you what's happening. It's phenomenal for learning and again open source of fantastic very cool and free. Jane grasped J. G. R. A. S. P. Dot Org Yeah Nice. Wow I'm not familiar with this. I'll have to give it a try very cool Jeff. I know one number midnights nights six A._M.. But let's have another number Jeff Jarvis real quickly <hes> giant G._D._p.. Are Fines for breaches. We knew about British Airways two hundred thirty million area Korea twenty three billion are gay or compromised to some extent. Yes careless does to some extent

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