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Yeah, the rams case were brutal. But so he played badly the second half of the season into the playoffs, then at the beginning of the season looks really good. Then he got hurt than the rest of season bad. That's kind of the last year now. And he tried to come back from the injury to her. Too early, yes. Just a litany of problems. Just a comedy of errors, I believe. Is the term people use. But yeah, that's where you're bending on though. All right, if you're to Seahawks, you're going, okay, yes, you're never going to get enough for a franchise guy. It's just for what you tab as a franchise QB. You're just never going to feel like the right amount. That's why I was thinking they would get maybe one more pick as opposed to one fewer player, but it is what it is. How bad you want Satan? That would have been. So that's what I do. I said if they have grown in Satan, I think I could have talked myself into this. I said yes. Love it because of the how horrible the quarterback market is, ranging from the draft free agency to trades, which we'll talk about in a second. What are the CX options? But at least if they had acquired a core piece on defense an area that's been such a weakness for them, I could have said, okay, you got a core in here, you know? And he's a cheap and he's not a rookie deal and I love him. I like Noah fan. I think he's a good player, but he's not, he's not like a Sudan and chubby Harris, obviously, you know, in aging defensive stalwart type. So yeah, I think the return is underwhelming given the fact that there's still a gaping question mark at quarterback in maybe the worst quarterback market I can remember. Yeah, it'd be a really, this is this QB markets atrocious. I did thing with Greg Rosenthal's top a 101 free agents. And that was like the joke just going over all the quarterbacks. And then this draft is desolate of quarterbacks. It's a barren wasteland. But man, it's so funny how quarterbacks have become how NBA stars are treated in a sense. That's why I've kind of really looked at them as now. It's like they're the stars are worth their max deals. And that top 6 ish quarterbacks, 7 quarterbacks in the league. And then everybody else on the roster kind of becomes like a super role player as they are a basketball..

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