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Ma'am are you staying here. isn't it. Uncouth mike couth is fine. Tumelty just go. Tomasi was right though. The first lady couldn't be seen gloating so i wore my morning veil and sat back in the balcony ready to savor every expression every twitch of senator logic defeat but as he approached the podium before even spoke even through my veil. It was like he was looking right up at me. i was. We'll call the vote on the ratifcation of league of nations sons reservations. But before we do. I received a letter from the president with a request Demand that. I read it before this vote takes place so about we dig into it. How folks no no. No no to the honorable majority leader henry cabot lodge. That's me and to all members of congress. That's all of you. I submit to you a great and solemn proposal. Great and sell the proposal cossack. Poetic president wilson. You can really tell when he wrote something himself. When he's reading someone else's pre written words i have no doubt the american people support the league. In fact i would gladly wager my presidency on this belief. My proposal is simple. I'm asking all members of congress to resign immediately. Oh and mmediately after we shall hold a snap election as a referendum on the league ratification. If the american people re elect the opposing congressman thereby voicing their disapproval of my leadership. I vow to resign from the presidency immediately. Hey laugh this is real. I am confident in making this gamble. The question remains are senator lodge and his supporters equally. Confident signed woodrow wilson. President of the united states of america. Right feeling pretty confident. I mean his speech earlier with those dramatic pauses and this letter not at all unhinged. So hinged fully hinged. What else do we need to know really about. We've ha it's okay. i have the votes. I have mr shields. May mr gore. A mr walsh. Mr walls mister mister. Excuse me excuse me lady and morning. Thank you out of my way. I exited the balcony. And i ran down to the senate chamber as quickly as i could but ram. Excuse me you can't enter the senate look. Look i'll i'll take off my veil hissy. it's me. I needed wilson. The first lady. I don't believe you but even if you were. The first lady doesn't have the power to enter the chamber during a vote or really ever stat. Now i'm gonna have to ask you to leave. No as i was dragged away. I heard all the death and destruction. I heard i'll work or legacy bomb. This'll torpedoed i all the times. I was insulted by the vipers surrounding to. What do you want even our had here. I was helpless. Just another first lady gentleman gentleman. Please let go of this woman. She is my guest year. chris. My apologies senator lodge. Yeah sure apologized to him eightieth. I wish i could say this is a new low for you. But i'm sure it's actually somewhere in the middle about. What was the forty nine. Thirty five college. Guess by the smugness in my voice which direction it when he stole that matter. Excuse me you stole it from trudy somehow believe what you want but maybe ask your little friend i. She seems pretty honest. I went back to the white house. And i search all the places i usually find trudy the study the south lawn the kitchen then i searched any nearby pet stores desert chops any park. She could feed some duck or squirrels finally resorted to checking the place. I'm pretty sure she spends the least amount of her time. Her whole edith. I just got back from the white house. Woodrow is resting now. He seems stable. Is everything is truly home. Do you wanna come inside. I heard what happened with vote. Jesus between that woodrow's health scare today. People are going to ask.

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