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And We did did One new album. Okay I'm sorry I was going to and then you you've got me off sorry about that but Yeah Yeah so did. The mentoring thing has been fun working with teens. That are really talented and we just did a production of the music from footloose both the play the and the movie and I saw the work you did with in Montecito with the with the the relief after after the mudslides killed twenty two people apple and and the kids wanted to do something they weren't allowed to get in the mud in look for their missing friends So they called called me and said we want to do a show in because they were all like musical theater kids and they said would you headline so that will make sure we have an audience but we want to do something to raise money to help the first responders and so I said no this is this is too good thing. You GotTa do this entirely on your own. I'll come in and I'll produce the show. I'll help you get the band talent and the director we just put it all together and help them focus their material so that it had something something to do with the 'cause we were therefore and we raised seventy thousand Dr Beautiful and some of these kids have chops. Yeah very much so yeah. The one one of the guys went onto American idol and made it almost all the way a sweetheart. I should say his name Jackson. Gillies Jackson Gillies. Okay and He's in London now recording so okay and they're telling us to To promote the new Robertson. Yes and it's called yesterday today and tomorrow it's essentially a re release of my greatest hits but this time never before done on vinyl because only a CD before But now it's on this vitals bag you know six thousand gram vinyl very audio file peace and it's in bright eight red and gold translucent. Vinyl discs was pretty cool. I want one. When is this coming out? It is out now I believe and I could get at that rally ship today ship today right off the presses later record stores. Oh God I wish it shipped to my house US wish doors. You see the documentary about tower records. That's not Tom Hanks UNMADE. You'll see it. It's it's beautiful and heartbreaking. Wow Yeah so we'll look for it yesterday today and tomorrow on CDs too right hopefully. It's no just. This is just the vinyl release. Wow it's for those who you know those few people who have record players it's coming back yet. Coming back big. We have a sponsor here. u-turn audio cells turned two mills. Yeah they make right wants rickie got something to promote not well you know my wife and I are working on a movie so you are lillies light. It should be out. We have distribution and everything so maybe in a couple of months. Wonderful lillies light. LILLIES light. Yeah I know I know we talked. So lillies light. Yeah it's it's a children's musical and is it was on pbs for a few years and we yanked it and we're adding you know we added footage to make it a full length you to a little bit of everything snake in Montgomery Right. You're right you perform on kids shows. I'll have to play that from dawn. Yeah Yeah Yeah we'll send you a copy you've been playing since you were three years old. Yeah I was a drummer unbelievable. Yeah talent yeah. My Dad was a musician and took around and did a few gigs on drums. At three I can play the fat back which is to check that one couple of other groups. That's about it but eh three years old. What do you want? I don't playing three. You were writing songs at what seven your age. You were playing their young age wjr sixteen sixteen. Okay still. He got on stage for the first time at fifteen you ever written anything new since. Yeah we also want to thank Ryan romanesque. Oh and and Michael Jensen for for making this possible. I WanNa Plug Your appearances on on Daryl's house you hall. Yeah we we hit it off you know. We grew up together. You didn't know that we would take turns opening for each other. The you're the Verne two versions of. I'm alright and footloose that you guys did for just core rescue witness. It was a good day terrific tech stuff. You WanNa take us out on on one more can we. Can we trouble you for something. Something soft and sweet. We're going to dedicate this to j Murray. WHO's a big fan out of yours? This is the reworking of HOUSE APU corner. I think I told you the story of when Luke was about to be born and I decided to make children's record I added a new verse I to diss and actually that's all I'm going to do for the rest of my career's at new verses. I've got a Christmas version of danger zone when I call yourself out soon. Love it right after Lily's light and and so this is Called return to Pooh corner if we can remember two three.

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