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Like the Browns offensive line. Like the Browns football team. There's still that concern for me. What happens when they go up against league competition? That's still my concern for the Cleveland Browns. The Colts. I think that most they want a playoff game. Or maybe two. Have a very good defense. We know they could run the football. With Jonathan Taylor. Name Heinz. Unfortunately, Marla Mac, can you imagine more than Mac whistle on that team trace? Yeah. Three headed rushing attack right there and the Indianapolis Colts. They have a very good offensive line. Rivers has actually been better than what I thought he would be this year in a big spot, though, and I'm something that I think Philip Rivers will be Hall of Fame quarterback one day Just can't trust Philip Rivers in a big spot. Miami. I'm still questioning if they're gonna make the playoffs, Miami's a team that they make the plans. Do you want to see him wild card weekend? If they get into the divisional round, though, and they win wild card weekend. You can't really expect him to do much of the division around. I think maybe Team that is trending in the right direction, a team that I fully expect to win out and we'll see if the odds fall in their favor. Maybe they dropped one last two, which I can't afford to do You look at the Baltimore Ravens at nine and five right now. Let's just say Baltimore Is playing wild card weekend against the Steelers. For the last time the Ravens played the Steelers Steelers went up against the Ravens team that was just a pleaded and was decimated because the cove ID Right now. I wouldn't even hesitate in that game. I take the Ravens all day. And the Ravens are team that early on this season. They had a lot of concerns that weren't playing well. They weren't living up to the hype. They have a good defense. Mom are starting to settle in here, adjusting. I like what? I'm seeing it out of the Evolution in his rookie year of JK Dobbins. Offensive line, getting better remember, they had to replace Marshall Janda and you lost Ronnie Stanley. So They are. Team that's moving and trending in the right direction. We're Pittsburgh. They impressed you're early on. They impress you 1st 678 weeks of the season. Baltimore not playing well. Now they look totally different If the Ravens played the Steelers wildcard beacon. I don't even have stayed. I think the Ravens in a second So I look at this with all those matchups. Steelers will lose. During blank, wild card weekend divisional weekend Conference Championship Weekend Super Bowl Sunday. I can't even contemplate or think about Conference Championship Week in a soup bowl Sunday anymore. And so far 2% Conference Championship weekend. 3% Super Bowl Sunday. So that discussion is really wild card weekend in divisional weekend. But the Steelers win a playoff game. Yeah, they could win a playoff game. It depends on the matchup. But with how loaded How good the SEC is, from a wild card perspective and what's operate that the Steelers not a lot, but let's operate. The Steelers still win the division. I'm gonna have a tough matchup wild card weekend. This is not one of those years where you go get 12 wins. If they you'll snag another winner. Maybe this night tomb Or maybe surprised people beat the cold. Speak the Browns and they get to 13. When you get to 13 wins, you get to 12 wins. You expect that? Maybe you get a lighter team. Team that is maybe easier to go up against wild card recon. That's not gonna be the case. I don't think there's a lot of elite teams in the agency, but there's a lot of very good teams. And right now there's more of a reason to believe in a team like the Colts. The Ravens. The Browns. The bills. Then the Pittsburgh Steelers. There just are And the only three things that we know for sure in the A F C right now. She's there and they want to division. Hills, Aaron. They won the division for the first time since 1995. Steelers. They're in the playoffs, but they haven't clinched the division. So the Steelers could potentially be one of those top four seeds is division winner and solve a tough matchup. They found him to the wild card weekend. And they're still gonna have a tough matchup. Out of all these teams if you're the Steelers I don't want to see Buffalo. You probably don't wanna see Tennessee. You don't want to see Cleveland. You play the Colts this weekend, so we'll get a better answer. You probably don't wanna do the Ravens even with beating them twice. Maybe the Miami gives you the best opportunity because we don't know what to expect that of a young to a tongue go by law. We know this, though. Miami shows up each and every week. They have a damn good young football coach and Brian for us. So right now, if you're asking me to the Steelers won a playoff game. Is it possible shirt? I don't think it's possible they went to the right now. I mean to say the Steelers was wild card weekend. As I look at that, that team there are things that you just can't correct right now. They have made to run the ball throughout the year. What? I'm gonna wave a magic Ron wanted they're gonna be able to run the football. No. The offensive line has got.

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