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What was his name? I'm sorry. Yeah. Bring that Kevin. James and Matt LeBlanc had a sitcom, and they like, took every guy and whatever, you know, through him against the sitcom wall and to see what would stick. But no women sitcom wall. And they didn't stick the, they didn't last very long. But yeah, well, we were, we were gone in a flash and the speed has like, if you don't make it correct. I wonder here. I'm going to claim sexism, but it might have, like I said, well, I'm not saying it was like what in the world, but it was better than a lot of stuff that was on. And I wonder how much that, of course, lately I'm thinking about it, but maybe that's why we were cancelled curls. I don't know. I have no idea, but it was a Nina tasks. Ler show was the head of television at the time. She's fantastic. It's how is that? How does being a woman in Hollywood all these years? I don't know. You tol game. I, you know, I made a career playing men's roles. I've, I had an agent who is smart enough to say, hey, for this doctor and this guest Dr on empty nest or party five, what we will you see a woman, they get sure, and then I would get it and they feel like they cast out of the box. And so I kind of made a career out of playing roles originally written for men. So I don't have. I really don't have a female perspective. I don't play an orange new, you know. Yeah, I'm very tall and lesbian. Are you coming back to the to the to the Ellwood reunion? I hope so. Yeah. You'll say the Lord. Are they doing? Yeah, you'll play the lawyer. I'm sorry, you play the Lord. I played a lawyer. Yeah, Cybill shepherd was my lady. I was that that was so uncomfortable. She's she's great. It was uncomfortable for her. I'm thinking about the two of us in bed with nipple pasties on wearing nothing, but boxer shorts and trying to act like we're in love, and it was. That's all I can remember of how. Very uncomfortable. Tell me. Very, very uncomfortable. Yeah. Anything else? That's all I remember. That's all I remember, but it follow. Is it a? Is it going to be a series? I don't know. We'll see. Could be just it'll be on. Showtime couldn't be just on a phone. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I've seen rumblings of about a year ago. I was. I think it's going to be all the old lesbians, helping the young list. Oh, I'm think that's really the plot. I think that's the premise. Yeah. And they sit around and go mine. How that's going to end. Yeah, right. Right. Jenny being murdered. For Janney Jenny. They hate lives on right. She just emailed me. I don't know what for. So talk about marvelous MRs. Mazel. Yeah, Amazon show you got an EMMY nomination for it. 'cause I did, yes. For you. Explain explain that doing that because I thought I was I was just binge washed it lightheaded watching. It was a big hit and it got viral. And everyone says you gotta watch it, and that's how people are now. They watch everything and right big chunks. And I literally was sitting at home and like two in the morning, like once episodes, and then you pop up and I had no idea you were there, and I think I texted you, like what about doing their Jane. Talk about that and the thinking behind that show and what you were trying to do? Oh, they mean like interpret creek, nothing to do with heck, no, you don't have to make it well, you know, I'm, there was one. Was there an I watched that helped you. Well, what I love about it is is such a throwback. It's it's old school and I love the wardrobe, and they're so good with this. I mean, it's like the best artisans in New York City are building the clothes from scratch. A lot of the time, all my wardrobe has a label with my name MS Lynch, and it's it's just it's beautiful. The fabrics are beautiful. The even the background actors look, fantastic sets are beautiful. The acting is glorious in the writing is wonderful. I, it's just wonderful. I'm a guest actor. So you know, I'm not a party. Explain your role for those? Yeah. Oh, sure..

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