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So therefore Lord on doing this age society ward into four classes, so four distinct classes, what he wants in the previous Yuga, they were only sages remember, the I could tell you what was only sages only religious people, then they will taking care of each other pain compassionate. And all that. But the second yoga you can remember the. The killing of all had to the us by neck means. There was a cost. There was a distinction between BrahMos Chettiar's ratios. Angela. So these four Lassus are people came into the picture in lobbying that religious quantities of authority group. Muscian charity whether us by one half by the illegit counterpart, this satisfaction unto wildlands, and in we now, we come to the next to the next you guys the Dougherty one often you guys at time. When push was the previous Yuga chimney lamb. Was there the next Yuga Krishna was so Kushner's thing. What happened Yuga was deteriorating? Stint for the for the rent on for the ritual religious austerity, these lightly the troops muscian charity on these reduced by half apple and that his dippers and what came into the picture? This satisfaction member. The coda was were dissatisfied. The Kingdom I want more. I want more. I want more even those thread religious were given to co Pandora's that also they wanted not only that they wanted their wife on any magin the kind of thing that was happy. And there was another one protein what I'm too it was that that is even the game of dice that was a noted dice which check only on purpose in on. Why Lance will have to tell you what Muhammed wa enmity? Because I wanted something that belonged to you. So I am willing to be or enemy in the age. People are interested in grody and Villanova's day devoted to the study of the windows was as opulent support large families enjoy life with the fork losses shut the Rama's numerous. So during the charter, what was it that the world was Lewis, and they were noble people were devoted to learning. The with us if you recall during the time of Krishna, there will not of sages that on and they would video religious used to buy hard, these, you know, in the house, you know, I'm sure all those bungee who come to your house. They can universal Sade by wrote. Imagine the previous you could see anything in every team, so many archdeacon evolved religious what this and the new Nevada's my heart for this up. It will good Ping's. Very rich. Big diamonds. You youngest what I'm saying? Now, we have a small diamond very happy. The diamond has no value. It's really happy. I've got one small Z. What? Now that tender. Big diamonds. Not gold jewellery. People were opulent today if you divide end of world, it's such being through story. A man by his high bought gold jewellery because my daughter's getting married while so doctor is letting married that is our ju- I bought into into lots of creating one hundred grams while. During that time.

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