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Think taste of what should have been looking forward during the judge's wife jerry i jet like what he uh trade we think that may be a first space around the starting pitcher well there was a story line they said you greg birds been taken hitting and so far no problem but i i think you could you can make do with i face is you know if birds in the in in the uh uh in the in the near future coming back they can they can make do i think the problem is is the bullpen because it's gas and india he some fresh arms and you don't know if if the need is going to turn the corner and and be decent again you don't know when to knock on that might have another uh a setback so these guys aren't going eight innings disseminating zviad the allied also but they did he somewhat helping the bullpen i think what would hey d h high for them to shake up five watt highlight quick break because he'll i wanted to change hey you're gives you next all of you know get by togo's people i i think he'd been same think when when it was a pressure situation highly clip it will not be the guy he would go to close stop the other payment but he got that i quit if you go back to shape bring up just justice he'll suit day uh bring up a of you trading deadline i would feel pulled a uh when he for a latte or uh when he's a bleak and people something because he was he was i was reading fact that the paper last week the local paper so he's out for a little while so you can't count on him um i would look at the trade someone the problem is with the yankees people see how staff the islam system is and you know everybody's going to ask for we know i mean sarees wasn't hurting the asking for.

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