Scott, Hulu, Natalia Bailey discussed on The Masked Man Show - The Botched Finish (Ep. 70)


Scott a go gotta watch on hulu like the cool kids a yeah i have i pay for like wrestling i play a pay for like thirty different platforms on which to watch wrestling it's really at the nine it's all wwe so it's just ridiculous so we had natalia winning the elimination match this is okay this is general like but zoom out looking at summer slam i don't know what's a summertime cards going to be i mean obviously we know now with the romena vent is but it seems like like every like i i admit both women's matches it seems like it's gonna make more sense to make it a triple threat or a multi party match not that it's that big of a deal but it just like you know natalia bailey are not in the top six i mean atoll see if she got a push i'm not talking about talent but like the seems like they're are more logical people the put in if it's just two one on one matches rahab bailey's had very little momentum the last couple of months seems like she was being deemphasized in favor of sasha banks and then they make this decision on monday the halfhour go over i've heard there is some rumor that there might be some chicanery involved in that finish that someone shoulder was up and they're going to redo that match where they're going to add her as we had that thought that was a that other line affiliate yeah alec of a worked bonefish possibly that was just a rumor but they're going to have to get to him a multi woman match anyway it how many multi party matches regan half a tonne it's it's it's summer slam summer zaman wrestle mania at all has to be like four ways and three ways of fit everyone on the card and summer slim's only four hours opposing seven or eight but here's the thing first of all that's a better gimmick payperview than table letters and chairs than survivor series i mean if he old schools arrivers series will maybe not i liked the survivors series last year i hope they do that again i'm just saying if you're gonna have a gimmick for like a like a over an overarching gimmick.

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