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Broken health care system now is the time to work together to increase competition affordability and transparency senator cory gardner voted four at the skinny healthcare bill what the competition began at quarterback for the denver broncos head coach vance joseph had his valuation of day one of broncos as training camp as paxton lynch and trevor simeon battle for the starting job guys were man you know of the huddle the communication was pretty sure the concepts would air obviously versus guys in a red zone it's tough because those bbs don't backpedal but i thought it was really a good price for the first time off the camp in the morning session ended early by coach joseph said the team got done everything they needed to before wrapping up at eleven a m rucki demarcus walker had to leave practice early due to issues what the heat otherwise the team finished the morning session healthy dates you're broncos training camp both but so the fans that you see how training centre beginning at nine thirty this morning gates open annette eight there's been a lot of tension between metro area cities and the federal government over illegal immigrants bolder says it's a sanctuary city in denver said is the letter asking aged sought to interfere with courts are schools but ice acting director tom home they made it clear that they consider all illegal immigrants to be criminals out sending this message that if you don't don't commit another crime beyond the crimes committed when came this country that it's okay to be here is novel to be here illegally is not okay violates losses country we're gonna force law the doj says this week that sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with immigration agents will no longer be eligible for federal grants our next update's at 1230 rod dawson koa newsradio jio 850 am and 941 fm an accident in of foods northbound from five thirtyeighth after that it's going to be decent drive on i 25 between ford and the tech center new problems and i seventy crosstown you should be able to make the time on six through lakewood c 470 is in great shape along with e 470 and you can nothing interfering with the drive from twenty five thirtysix between here in boulder no problems and pin you before and.

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