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Is. It's Trump is like. SANCTIONING WHITE COPS killing black people or black criminals are black woman you send out there's arms hang on. He's the president. He's one guy he's been there for three and a half years more black people got killed by cops in the eight years. Obama was president by COPS BY WHITE COPS is that true? Is that yes. Is that because the the amount of people that are getting killed by cops black people that are getting killed by cops. Is, going down and people in cops are more likely not to be aggressive against black people because of the culture we live in right now but Toyota's is are all those people getting killed by cops. Locally in the community anymore Obama's fault than it is trump's fault. He's the president when you when you have police, he doesn't run the police force in Minneapolis absolutely, he doesn't. In any city guys I, got an however newsflash she didn't kill George Floyd. However. A race. We don't even know if Copperfield's foibles a racist that he was a bad guy. He was a bad guy. Yeah. What is your definition of racist? Just because of a stupid. Wife SCUMBAG COP. Who should have been on the police force kills a black guy. Doesn't make it racist it may be, but we don't know that for sure. Have you watched billion though he should rotten hell yes. A background of using horse. We know he uses force but just say without evidence that just because the guys black. I'm not saying he's not a racist I'm just saying we don't know yet if if it was racially motivated. Okay, we'll give you that but this conclusion is going to be that he is the conclusion is going to be that he is he's probably a racist and he falsely on top of murder who should get charged for a hate crime. Absolutely. But I'm just saying in general just because black people are getting killed by white cops and trump's president. Trump's fault and he's not condoning that. Set greatest a Castro that's that that see this is where we go into the semantics thing whatever that Republicans like to use. Yes. Everything was said there I agree you. I can't fucking for what you just said. However when you have a president of the United States with supported by the p gave him his a recommendation two days ago a dago the PBA. And the Border Patrol and the Border Patrol. And Ice No. Of course. He's he's the long order president abby absolutely, and that's and that's how you view it. Right. The difference business we're GONNA be starting a north. Authoritarian. Sort of fucking dictate shipment re- regime like trump wants to have which he does. Okay. When you continually say sang she had about well, maybe I should get a third term maybe this. But when you when you got and then you say his language was I don't remember hold on hold on I don't remember the exact words he said but when he was talking in front of all the cops right when. He said something to the effect of when you throw them in the car. Make sure don't be too nice with them or whatever that is approval from the president to fuck up people that you were arrested is not. I. Don't I don't take everything you don't but they do. and. I don't think people's well, I'll tell you you're making an excuse not. I didn't take I don't take Obama and Biden and Hillary for every literally everything they set Bama's famous. These, half the country, these fucked up republicans cling to their guns, the religion and God like a bunch of scare babies or didn't use the word fucking. Trump would've I'm just saying. Hey. I look a guy that's real. He he's got a bit of a sense of humor in people that can't take. You mean like trump and then A. Clinton with the the deplorables I, take that with a great shave. He, well, what she learned to play. David Yari, deplorables. And be I mean I. Don't know if it's intelligence or you just gotTa be enough where you got. You gotta think these are politicians. They are people they. They do have a sense of humor the Argon Kit around the are to say shits stupid. But to draw the line between trump condoning white cops killing black people in because he's in the White House. It's too much of a stretch for me if you. Can I say something David you know I love you. You Know I. Love You right. down. You know I love you. Over Yeah. Me and you live in a bubble and I know you listen to Larry Elder's you read and you you watch Fox. News, you live in this bubble where colleen is making a really good point you gotta get out of it and and when stuff happens like with the homelessness where we live and all that the way you react you refused to empathize. With anyone who disagrees with you you do it sometimes with me when I talk about feminism rose, I get it now. But when it comes to politics, you don't leave your bubble. You just won't and you are I. See you as an apologist trump you don't ever criticize anything that he does and I get it I get it. You like him you. You think you don't take him seriously which I always took seriously. Okay. Get me people. Look at that and I okay I don't like you know what I don't like a lot of what he says and how he does it. I like what he's doing how he does it maybe I don't like but I think I'm you know open minded enough or at least intelligent enough to know that I can decipher between what's real and what isn't, and if you can't I'm not gonNA have a lot of empathy for you like if you think that Hillary Clinton really thinks half the country is deplorable which many on the Republican side they feel that. Then you're euros in, but that's the stating because I absolutely you. Know I. into the audience just like she goes down south and she starts talking with a black accent how condescending and racist is that now? I agree. I. Think. He's just trying to get votes. He is. She is she is. He knows the same thing and Obama does the same thing. You ever see how he cranks up the black accent when he's in the south I know but the days. But he cranks up into the next level. To cranks up the cracker when he's not when he wants to be around cracker bill, he's the same all the time I'm not saying it's good or bad. I'm just saying they do things like that. Let me ask you something. If you had a daughter would you be okay with her being in the room at trump for an hour a. Of the politicians he's probably yes or no. I didn't ask you about the position I said about trump would you allow your daughter to be in a room with trump for now? But. He doesn't have a daughter. He has no children so he doesn't empathize with me saying, do you think in five women are lying? What's a? Member trump is president right now are twenty five women lying about his sexual advances. Twenty five way there's probably a portion who are. And there's. Some reality to it. Okay. If you if you save five thousand rape victims from rape and then you rape one person, what are you? You're a rapist. I don't know that that's a little that whole are your rapist or not..

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