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By techies. Their team of experience technologists a deep dive into a tech topic. That's peak their interest. It could be how machine learning is being used in astrophysics or maybe how to succeed at continuous delivery. They're always coming across fascinating ways. Technology is advancing and love to share what they learn. Whatever the topic. The discussions are always lively informative and opinionated. The team of co-hosts are experienced technologists from across thought works and include dot work dr rebecca persons and renowned writer and speaker. Neil ford past guests have included eminent technologists such as martin fowler mark richards and danah boyd. The episode i just listened to wasn't explainer on extended reality which is a blending of ar vr. Sort of along the lines of what we've been talking about on this show recently. So whether you went to broaden your knowledge on a specific topic or just want to immerse yourself in the world of tech thought works technology. Podcast has something for you to find out more just search for works technology on your podcast platform of choice and make sure you subscribe time for the weekend. Long reads suggestions and i up a couple of interviews. That people have been discussing all this week. The i was in an interview. That friend of the show. Noah smith who you'll recall. We did a recent weekend bonus episode with an interview. He did with stripe. co patrick. Collison patrick has a reputation for being a prodigious intellect. He founded stripe when he was twenty. Two years old. You'll recall but this interview which since no is an economist and is therefore interested in any number of big issues. Ranges among a number of fascinating topics really highlights. Why patrick has this reputation for being a brainiac. Like dude knows a lot about a lot. For example in the middle of this interview packages lays down the best description of the innovation roadmap for the entire tech industry over the next ten years that i've heard anywhere quote in terms of what the world needs. Improvements in medical. Technology are probably still number one. Climate change mitigation technology cleaner energy generation and co two sequestration and so on also quite high up more broadly. We need to make all of the things that you and i enjoy every day. Cheap inefficient enough for billions more people to afford with safety insecurity high on that list but need is a tough framing. There's obviously so much stuff that would be fabulously valuable. And it's hard to predict the magnitude of the impact upfront. Besides the obvious diseases better. Cures for depression and mental illness and other psychiatric conditions would be hugely beneficial hundred dollar robotic surgeries a machine for cheaply manufacturing food a three d. printer for nourishment into which you just insert elemental ink cartridges and not just for replicating already existing foods. The possible design space is very large flying cars. Obviously plus space-based earth to earth transportation. Fast growing trees. So that everywhere can be as blissfully are boreal as you like technology for comprehensively eliminating air pollution not just from internal combustion engines but also sand dust ubiquitous detectors for toxins like lead arsenic and benzene. Smart books that are better fit for purpose. A babel fish that works programming environments that are less hopefully primitive than those today. Take mathematica squeak genera and go far beyond them. Better education technology for everyone. What's khan academy but ten times better too cheap to meter water desalination batteries with so much energy density that they need never be recharged nanotechnology self repairing would flexible glass. Translucent steel quantum computers that accurately simulate physical chemistry completely new kinds of matter better catalysts for all major existing chemical processes and quote. so basically. There you have it. Make a successful company out of any of those areas mentioned and you can probably have a trillion dollar company and a couple of decades. These are the things. Technologist will be working on for the next few years laid out for you for free and then over at the verge neil. I spoke to cave on bake poor. Twitter's head of consumer product about all the things that twitter has been doing lately and also why they're suddenly doing all the things all the sudden. There are a lot of tea leaves to read in this one. Like i noticed how kevin was careful to tip toe pass any criticism of apple's tax were in an environment now where when someone elects not to pick a fight. It's probably more because it makes you wonder why couldn't apple acquisition of twitter be possible in this regulatory environment just leaving that there for now anyway quote fast forward to about a year ago we really started investing in audio and thinking about how we can enable audio as a new form factor for conversations on twitter. The same team. That's driving spaces. Today really started focusing on that. The first product that they built was what we call voice tweets which we put in market late last year on ios. Lets you record your voice in tweeted out. Basically around the same time they were thinking about the sort of conversational experience and this is when audio release started heating up and clubhouse was getting a lot of traction so we had a long and winding road to refocus back on that sort of multi person conversational format for audio but the team. That's building spaces. Now has had their heart in this for quite some time. Obviously hindsight is twenty twenty. We found much more customer. Success and impact and excitement around the multi party experienced than we did with the voice tweets experience. We still see a lot of really awesome use cases there but we've all of our focus to spaces now and quote next. I've said a bunch of times recently. How the whole no code low code movement takes inspiration from excel and how it trained. Millions of normies essentially the program without knowing they were programming. Well not boring. Takes a look at the spreadsheet that launched a million companies quote excel may be the most influential software ever built. It's a canonical example of steve jobs. Bicycle of the mind endowing. Its users with computational superpowers normally reserved for professional software engineers armed with those superpowers users can create fully functional software programs in the form of a humble spreadsheet to solve problems in a seemingly limitless number of domains. These programs often serve as high fidelity prototypes of domain specific applications..

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