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No All right well. It's fun to talk about Emily Dickinson. And it's especially fund dog bit. Emily Dickinson with someone who spent so much time thinking seriously about her And so I wanted suggest share an emily Dickinson poem. The first one not the first one I ever read but one of the ones where I felt absolutely absolutely electrified by her ability to capture. How what my new mundane experiences actually feel like in one of those ways that does make you feel like Whoa the past? They thought they were in the present All all right. So here's here's an old. Save a narrow fellow in the grass occasionally rides. You may have met him. Did you not got his notice. Instant is the grass divides as with a comb. A spotted shaft is seen and then it closes at your feet eight and opens further on. He likes a boggy Acre. A floor to cool for corn but when a boy and barefoot I more than once at noon have passed I thought a whiplash unb raiding in the sun when stooping to secure it it wrinkled and was gone. Several live nature's people I know and they know me. I feel for them a transport of cordiality. That's missing the last a bit. It is the last. The last line is zero at the bone. Two Zero Ricky iphone the thing that Madrid. Excuse me. This is all apples fall but never met. This fellow attended or alone alone without a tighter breathing and zero at the bone.

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