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So you have all these things and you put them all away. But what did we gain from that? Well we've gained a lot. We've made a lot of memories together because it kind of refocused is everything and we spend more time together doing stuff. More time talking. Because there's less distractions for sure and less space like we're not not that are locked was huge or anything but like you know back then like I could be in one room doing something you could be in the other room doing something and it's nice. That things have gotten cozier with less distractions and we do more stuff together. Whether it's watching and without the we meet New People Talk to New People because we don't have much within. Rv We definitely push ourselves out. Just talk to more people and visit and explore more too. Yeah I feel like we've made a really broad network of acquaintances and even friends across the country. Which is really nice and comforting. Because that was a big struggle was just leaving that social safety net of Chicago innocence and then in the PA- the subsequent like year and a half like making connections with people all over the country and being like now. I don't feel so tied to one place. I feel much more comfortable. I feel like Albuquerque's my backyard. I feel like Portland is my backyard. Orlando obviously lander comfortable. Yeah these are all places That are just amazing and I remember when we were in Nashville We met a couple Cameron in Germany From Atlanta and they became great friends. this past. Thanksgiving we actually spent things friendsgiving with them in Atlanta because we are in Atlanta and we were. You know where you're working and making sure to try to connect with people and so we've made these great friendships at travel. We did not meet him in Atlanta. So it's weird that we would just be in Atlanta now where friends and we went out multiple times. Who met their friends And it's just it's really inspiring. The things that you gain aren't exactly physical items. They are relationships there. People are relationship with Earth with national parks. Oh yes with wildlife and ecology and all these brutal aspects of what it really means what life means. Yeah and within two like. That's a big night in Chicago. Yeah we didn't ever take him like downtown or anything. We didn't go sightseeing within. He all he really got to do. And See was explore the neighborhood and wander around. There's a park at the end of the Block. Which is lovely but like not much change. He would just do the same thing. And when we were in Portland Maine watching him he was just it was full of wonderment and yeah he's seen so much and we've done so much with him and his enthusiasm is very clear you re he has a very emotive face in. You can see it. We want a couple hikes with him in Acadia National Park in Maine and not only. Did he hold his own? He you know tiny little dog with little legs was able to walk for miles but he was scrambling and like in and out of Little Rock and along the shore and that was blown away and it really inspired me. I'm like wow your enthusiasm it's beautiful like I feel like I'm closer to the meaning of life than ever been. Yeah that's just thing being people seeing it through thin meeting people talking with people doing something for somebody else. And that's what I feel is done for us for so long and now it's nice to see that for him that makes me happier than any monetary value out there just seeing something done for somebody else or seeing somebody's energy spike because they're in love with the world in nature. Yes it's a wonderful thing and that's been a really rewarding aspect for sure you've been listening to park land. A show about National Parks Park land as a production of iheartradio created by Medicare Wak Brad. Care Wack and Christopher has YODA's produced and edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher has Yoda's R. researcher is Jocelyn Shield especially goes out to Gabriel Collins Crystal waters and the rest of the parkway India crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple podcasts? It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well. Check out our photos from our travels and Instagram at Park. Alenia pod and join in on the conversation and our facebook group Park Land Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visit. I heart radio APP Apple. Podcasts Harari listen to your favorite shows and as always thank you for listening..

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