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I. N. S. W. I. N. S. H. W. A. W. whiskey for your car radio dot com station thank you for the calling for a cloudy mild overnight occasional rain and drizzle an overnight low of forty degrees tomorrow it'll be damp with a lingering drizzle early otherwise a cloudy day on the chilly side a high of forty two eight fifty eight AM cloudy in the York humidity sixty nine percent wins very ability three gusting to eighteen more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation Sarah Miller is our service aid Jack can say so is that the editor's desk this give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world fifty eight degrees cloudy skies at eleven o'clock Paul James here's what's happening president trump delivers his state of the union address and makes his case for another term one of the three people hospitalized has tested negative for the corona virus here in the city deadly fire in Cortines president trump out with the production involving Alexandria because you'll Cortez who skipped tonight's speech you were going for a mild overnight Steve told maybe out as the next over the next three bills definitely out as president of the next one up and one down and holding off I will mark Lowry coffee stocks had a big day their best since August the Dow Jones four hundred eight the nasdaq gained one hundred ninety five and you get a record once news time eleven a one traffic transit here's Karen Falco western side of the cross Bronx you're gonna hit the brakes Webster Avenue back out to the George Washington bridge things are going to be so on the western side of the B. Q. we from.

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