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You know people in the military or the government or celebrities or just regular people, police, officers, firefighters, and put the day in context of what people were saying at the time. It's really an incredible book. On. Nine. Eleven Well. We had the conversation about nine eleven and his book last year I wanted to have him on because. He listened to everyone and and. And went through all of the comments. On nine eleven and put them in order. Does. He see those kinds of. Comments. Even Possible In today's America. Jared graph the author of the only plane in the sky. As. We remember today the nineteenth anniversary of nine eleven. Is Denise Elaine Beck Program. I don't know what is wrong with me I'm sorry it's Jarrett Garrett Gosh Garrett Valerie Jarrett on the mind That thank you for that. Thank you. All right. Let me tell you about real estate agents I. Trust the secret to success in buying or selling. Is having the right real estate agent it is. 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Thanksgiving and it's always a pleasure to talk to you even on a somber day like that's. First of all, your book has we talked last last year in absolutely incredible really truly incredible the way you I mean, it's called an oral history of nine eleven but the way you put this together, can you talk about it just a little bit? Yeah so the book is the voices of four hundred and eighty Americans as they live that day sort of first hand. From the pilot of Air Force One two firefighters at the World Trade Center to school children to Survivors in the tower survivors at the Pentagon and even the. Navy Commander in the White House bunker with Vice President Cheney who asks for authority that day to shoot down hijacked airliners and The you know. We all know the story of nine eleven but I think you know. This is a nineteenth anniversary. Now we are we are having people who were born after nine eleven voting in the presidential election this fall for the first time, and so we're seeing this day slip from memory into history. I. Mean Literally People Vote In this election who will have only read about nine eleven in high school history books. And I fear that the story that we pal about nine eleven. as history doesn't capture the day for those of us who lived through it, and so the goal for this book was. Not to tell sort of the NEAT and clean and simple history of nine eleven where we talk about it as. The first attack began at eight, forty, six that morning. There were four planes, the Pentagon, the Twin Towers Shanksville, and the whole thing was over one hundred and two minutes later at ten, twenty, nine with the collapse of the second power. Because Glenn is you remember it for those of us who are alive at day that's not the day. Any of US experience no, we didn't know when the attacks began. We didn't know when they were over. We didn't understand what transpired even as it transpired. and. We didn't know what came next I mean part of what you have to understand about that day as history is the fear and the confusion and the chaos and the trauma and the thought of what might come on the afternoon of September eleven when might come on nine twelve what might come in? October. What might come in two thousand two and when you look at how our country reacted to that day. We weren't reacting to sort of the facts of nine eleven. We were reacting to the emotions of nine eleven and and so the goal for this book the goal. With, experienced tell that day through the voices and the experiences of the people who lived at. is to capture the emotion of the day not the facts of the day I remember right. One of my favorite guys that is part of the book is the Air Force One. Pilot who is now taking the president someplace entirely different in the president doesn't want to go there. Yeah I mean that remains one of the most dramatic parts of that day is you know the President Bush was reading we all remember in that L. L. Emma Booker Elementary School classroom that morning rush aboard Air Force One air, force? One, races into the sky. And President Bush wants to go back to Washington. He understands that. The most important thing he can do as a leader that day is to be back at his desk in the Oval Office reassuring the country that everything is going to be. Okay. The military doesn't want to bring him back to Washington. There are still they believe at that point still dozens of other hijacked airliners that they fear are still in the sky they don't know what is happening and so they don't WanNa bring back the secret service doesn't want to bring him back and White House chief of Staff Andy. Card is on board with the pilot and the president and the secret service detail, and they're all having this sort of incredible dance aboard the plane that morning because the president you know doesn't want to give direct order. To, return to Washington because he's not sure it would be followed and the secret service and the captain of air. Force. One. The pilot of Air Force One Colonel Mark Tillman. They don't know whether they would follow the director of the president that morning because their job is to protect day is to protect him to get him alive and so. Sort of everyone aboard the plane is very careful to stay sort of just short of the I order this plane back to Washington. The only thing that I remember as weakness of that day I mean we were all freaked out we didn't know what was going on. And we were all afraid I. Mean I don't know if you felt this way but I felt like we're at war, we don't even know who are at war with we could be over we could be oh, if they can pull this off, what else do they plan and we could be over quickly. And the. Moment that I saw anything that wasn't. That fed into that was. President Bush do remember he did that live thing i. think it was like a concrete wall. It looked like he was in a bunker and you're kinda like holy mother we are in trouble he's underground. He he he he was raised I to Barksdale Air Force Base and treat port. Louisiana onto off air force base. In Omaha Nebraska, which part of remembering this nine eleven story is you know we think of nine eleven as part of our modern world I. Mean it is probably as clear dividing line between the Twenty First Century and the twentieth as we have. Yeah. But you know you look at the the the outfits that day you look at the technology that day and that was really the nineteen ninety and you know that the White House is trying to manage this with. Two way pagers there are no blackberries at the Oh, my Gosh I plan parties. You know there's no email aboard air force, one aboard Air Force One that day they have they don't even have cable TV so. or or satellite TV. So they are. Picking Up. TV news stations on a rabbit ears antenna board, air. Force One and so as they're flying around the country, they you know they, they pass over a major city and get some TV coverage and then pass away from it and the TV coverage fades out. And part of. The reason that the president's up in Omaha Nebraska that day is that's literally the only place outside of Washington in September two thousand one where the president could participate in the secure video teleconference I mean now. Travels with a briefcase that you can plug into any Ethernet Jack anywhere in the world and it's an instant secure teleconference. And that day, they have to fly all the way to Omaha to the bunker of the strategic air command to to. Even be able to talk to other government officials. Wow. Wow. So, let me just take a quick break for a minute and when we come back, I wanNA talk to you about. You know you said there was a dividing line. Between the centuries and And it is beginning to feel more and more like that was the beginning of the dividing line of the. The promise of tomorrow and of American tomorrow and now what seems to be a possible? Suicide of American. and I WANNA talk to you about that because the unity that we felt. Is is no longer with? US. And we're, we're not all rushing out to buy a flag to put it on our our doorway, and we are a vastly different nation nineteen years later, and we would be horrified if we could see into the future on that day. And said, this is what our country's GonNa look like in nineteen years we all would have banded together and said, no, no, we're not going there. Is it possible that we can be brought back? And coalesce around the things we have mutually in common. We'll. We'll get your answer here. In one minute let me tell you about Patriot mobile. hard-working God, fearing family oriented people living in this country. Sharing American values, we used to have that in common. Now, there are those who are trying to overturn. The bedrock principles of our country, the Constitution the bill of rights and fundamentally changed the free market. It's a crazy time crazy time. Patriot mobile is a phone company that is not sending some of their profits to planned parenthood or you know anti second, amendment Patriot. Mobile's going to give you exactly the same great cell service everybody's on the same towers. Now they're going to give a great cell service they're going to get great customer service. 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