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But I think that there's opportunity here to rethink for example education. I don't think it's ever been quite so transparent Would schools are for schools in our society for warehousing children? But it's so that parents can go to work in. What is this thing that we have created for kids or for for our industry so that so that parents can go to work so there are a lot of things to to question and I wonder if we have the capacity and the will to show just to follow up on on the coming election? What does give you hope? Well it gives me. Hope is that trump hasn't had as much of a pandemic bump as other western leaders even ones who haven't done a terribly good job and even though his ratings his approval ratings were have been higher during a panic than ever before. They're so pretty low for sitting president so that gives me a little bit of hope. I had The amazing journalist Jim Fallow speak to one of my classes recently and he said that he thinks that trump is going to lose if the laws of physics still obtain so. My question is do the laws of physics obtain. I'm not sure about that so that that's that's the part that I fear. I think that the laws of physics maybe stopped obtaining in two thousand sixteen and in that case. Maybe my hope is misplaced. I'm you know I'm terribly worried about our inability as media to to keep amplifying the election campaign I gather Joe Biden is doing a lot of things from his basement. One wouldn't know about it by looking at the front pages of the newspapers or the television screen. The right now this is happening because there's just this overwhelming sense of urgency to report everything on the corona virus. Which of course I feel too. I feel like all my attempts to write about anything else have left me very frustrated because I I can't like all I want to know and try to contribute toward is is is the Garona virus coverage but But the picture of the world that creates is all trump all the time. That's a sober note to end. I'm Annika gets you to come back a little bit closer to the election and we'll we'll talk further about that. Thank you so much Marcia. Thank you dorothy. Masha Gessen is a staff writer. At The New Yorker and the author of eleven books including surviving autocracy and the future is history how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia..

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