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And he's on this car for six years and refinanced it five times. Repoed? I'm sorry report it five times. So you gotta understand thereafter, your money. Yes. But make a wise decision. Number one. Would you got money coming back? Wait for it to come back. It only takes seven to ten days. I lo- the governments in a little issue right now, and they're a little slow, but they've been slow the last five or six years. So wait out your money. Let it come to you. Don't get excited. Don't give it to rapid refund. Do not give it to a dealer because you're gonna put them in control. Oh, they're going to have advantage. And they're gonna put you in a piece jumped for too much money. So they can report six months down the road or less up. I've got dealers repo in one mauve. So you gotta be ready. Milli physically and spiritually so tell if you like this show till twenty people that listen to radio, that's my pay. Twenty people listening to Randy Adams are to learn to buy and sell cars dot com website. Also tonight at nine o'clock, remember on wwl. I don't think the Spurs out this week and show. And so I've talked to so many people about insurance, and we don't understand insurance. Just had a good friend of mine who was not at fault at l zero these people hitter, and they were at fault. But the insurance claims adjusters are trained by expert. To get ever. Available dollar out of your pocket. Get settled with you super cheap. They're trying to do that. And people don't realize it. But. Excuse me. But see the truth is that what's happened. Excuse me. What's happened? Is it art senators and Texas, senators and representatives house representatives have sold us out to the insurance company. Now, if you're in another state, and you're you get hit or you're an accident of any kind your insurance agent Suttles with you. And then they go after the other insurance company, but not in Texas. The good old boys. We elected the Robin us just like an entitled loans. It's illegal in twenty seven states to have Tyler Texas because they're getting paid in their pocket by their.

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