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Decent amount liability coverage. Because people see those billboards people see those TV ads. People see those signs on the side of buses that you have won the lottery. You might not. You don't have to worry about winning the big game or the mega millions. You just have to be an accident that you got somebody, you can go sue. We're a sue happy country. I was on the west coast of Florida recently, and there was this billboard of this person smiling who'd been injured in an accident and the billboard, the person's talking about how some lawyer got him six hundred sixty thousand dollars, and they're smiling ear to ear people out there like that. So make sure that if you got stuff the, you've got enough liability insurance. And if you got a lot of stuff, meaning money. And Yellen stuff. Rian clear. You wanna look into an umbrella which sits on top of your regular coverage as additional liability, very cheap to buy for what you get sold in increments of one million dollars of additional protection for you. In the event, somebody's able to hold you responsible for something that went wrong and their lives, and they don't have to necessarily show that you're at fault. They just have to convince the insurance company is not worth their time to defend you, and they just start handing out checks. Jason.

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