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Yeah that's right it starts. it starts here folks. I yeah it does because we said it early. We went through our picks early. I like this roster. They got better in the off season. This quarterback competition. You might laugh at it. I'll tell you what is happening though. Both i give so much respect for both of these guys. They are competing. I mean this doesn't. This isn't like the trevor siemian paxton lynch one. This just feels much different. This actually like they're neck and neck. They're pushing each other to the limit here in great. Oh hits fifty yard pass thirty five yard corner route. You're hearing great about great throws and picks eventually this is also folks going to be a top five defense so when you see drew lock through a pick or teddy through a pick. They're going up against to me. Maybe one of the best if not the best defense in the league. So even if i'm wrong and drew locks not the guy these guys are going to be battle-tested going in like i talked about with c. Issue that defensive line is legit. They're going to be good. That's gonna make this offensive line better throughout the season because they're going up against one of the classes of the conference so i'm actually pretty entertained by the videos and the tweets and the stories about both of these guys because they are fighting so hard for this job against one of the best defense in the league on paper right now and i know but they did get better this off season. There's i mean this defense. got better. They got the best safety. Do of in the league and kareem jackson adjusted. Simmons i think collectively they have the best corners in the league. Ronald darby and kyle fuller bryce callahan pat ser tan. And that's not even talking about michaelo michael o. Oj media the guy that was a rookie last year. That was just thrown to the wolves. And i they were. They were hurt on this cornerbacks. That's i mean. I think they got. They're going to have one of the best in league. So when we talk about the no-fly-zone two point oh it's true and then you you pair that with some guys that can get after the quarterback and maybe draymond jones is one of those guys now. Then i look out. The defense is going to be solid. Terrell davis beliefs. So maybe this because again the roster is they're the key component is quarterback. That's why we said if you plug aaron rodgers in her to shawn watson in this team's not just a playoff team there contender. They you could pick them to win a super bowl. And i think i'd be shocked but i i would take the people wouldn't call you crazy if you did that right now. I think they're bubble team. I think they're a team that is going to be about one or two games away late. Maybe they maybe they don't maybe ten is enough to get him in with this. New structure with the seventeenth game added but maybe not thirty four minutes after the hour. We're gonna take a short break when we come back. We'll kind of what kind of rehab recap. Some of the big day stories from the week in the big big practice day start for c. you for c. Asu and unc..

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