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Hanging out with this day for some other replied hours. Thank you so much breach. Edit we start again in six in the morning though ended up against the wall once again tomorrow. Same thing. Welcome back moshers mornings. We're radio went up four point one. I'm rose rollins. Along with carlos angelique angel and ryan. And i gotta tell you i have. I have faith in angelique today. I will tell you the ten pop culture birthdays and i do tabulated. I saved the ones from yesterday today. Because they're out of ten. I think she will only miss. One is what i think i think so only missed one. I have faith in her. There's no way she hasn't heard some of these names. There's no way that i just can't. I just can't imagine that she could be that clueless carlos what do you think. Oh man if you're that heavy. I'm i'm gonna go eight eight eight. She'll show us. You'll only know eight of the ten. Yes okay high number. I know i. I think she's going to nine of the ten things. I know a lot. And i don't answer this. The right things showed no ten you culture room with her she. There's good energy today. I feel like you've saved them. You said i'm going ten ten now. There's one for sure she won't know How about you eight out of ten. You said you had faith right. I got faith in your country. Faith in god yeah. You don't have faith in her knowledge of pop culture. I think she'll know all but one today. This is makes me laugh at three ring. Okay all right here we go. Even i always believe in her and then she pulls a largo and then she just doesn't get it goes bad doesn't wish right so you just gotta tell where you know them from me. It'd be specific you can't just go. You know actors actually know them. Okay i one you gotta know this. You've got to know this. What is pete davidson famous for heat davidson feedlots. He's very good. all right. how old you keep pete. Davidson is a ryan. Pete davidson is going to be twenty seven pingo lollipop right on the money. All right maggie jilin hall. What is maggie. Joan hall payments. Were telling hall's wife jillian hall not why she's fading sir giver hits. Why is this trivia. She say okay did she was wipe. That was the first thing she says. Okay what does she do. What did she do for a living. She got it all right. We'll give her that one we're gonna ever go. She's forty she's forty three today. Okay brandy glen bell. What she famous for. Glanville she is a singer. God you don't watch the housewives all we fire of a woman who's slept with denise richards carlos held is brady's how does is landau brandy is probably in her mid forties. So i would say forty five lou close close close. We think angel Forty six and then ryan Brian glanville. she's she's hooking up with the richards and we'll say forty eight. She's forty eight years old. Here you got to write today. lisa bonet What is lisa bonet. Famous were angelique. Oh my god. She's a singer. Jesus activists right where she famous from this one particular. Yeah true. But i know i'm wrong. She's got got you know. Yeah in put him. At lisa bodet is famous for being really married now to Somebody famous jason momoa. Yeah and she was on cosby karen. She's married to well at least for him. She was famous before she met him. All right how this is famous for. She's fifty three today. Okay re rachel mcadams. What is rachel average. I love her. she's an actress. She was in the wedding wine with wedding. Crashers sweaty choosing in a bunch of movies. All right you got that right. She's she's forty two years old today to wow rupaul. Rupaul's drag drag rupaul's drag race. Rupaul is a drag queen. Okay very good tv personality drag wayne sixty years old today What is danny devito. Famous work a comedian. And he was in a movie with arnold schwarzenegger twins Remember seventy six years old today a national treasurer by the way say. Danny devito is is what jack black will be in thirty years. Or whatever. Because i rarely. And you're gonna get in a contentious fight with about danny devito lorne michaels famous for lorne. Michaels lauren. michael lorne michaels lauren. My lorn lorne. Michaels michaels on. I gave you too much. Aaron michael is usually new york. What are you going to holy smoke. Yeah you didn't get that one. He's seventy six years old today. What is martin. Scorsese payments for Angelique he does movies. He makes me he does movies. We'll get to that one okay. He's a seventy eight years old today and the only one i thought you would miss. Is this one What is gordon lightfoot. Famous for gordon lightfoot He's a bodybuilder. Merely for no reason he's a singer. Yeah then he's he's eighty one years old today. You missed one. Two three four five today. yeah you wanna give yourself the Maggie jalen hall but he didn't. Yeah you got these four or five. Can't believe in you anymore. Angelique i told you so many high. I don't know why you next year. I really really know what we don't know the things you don't know next year you'll you'll remember now. I feel really bad. 'cause they're just like it. Just hold on a second. What's more and michael. Famous work freaked me out. Okay if people wanna follow you on. What do they do. Angelique easily danger on instagram and ryan home. She got according to saturday ten on the weekend then doing a new episode of poking the bear today will be doing that. Live around five o'clock. So follow me at ryan homes comedy as well carlos. Check me out on social media. It's to the top. Carlos that's to the top carlos and.

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