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We don't see. We go say, I can't wait room. There's going to be signed by the Celtics going back fully healthy. They are. That's why they're the overwhelming favorite for the east fainting basically. And they add Gordon Hayward, and you had to take. I'm taking it. I'm gonna take them to, but I'm setting competing wise for sure. I had probably being the Cavs next year to even LeBron. The Cavs them Celtics. I don't remember. I, I wanna make it predictions at that time. So no, he hasn't sounds beating. I know he didn't. They. I was waiting for the Celtics if not from us it. I was going to bet against LeBron gets a team that doesn't have a definite star. Okay. I was rooting for the Celtics thought they were gonna win out reading. I said, because I know you didn't take the cans coming, right? Yeah. So you had the. At some point I thought they would. I know what team it was going to be. But I mean. I thought they were going to be in the well. I thought they were gonna. I thought the Cavs are going to end the matchup with the Sixers mean to me too because I thought the Sixers is going to be way too much for them to. Let's talk about the Sixers real quick before we get to the big topic. Number two, this off season hasn't been good man. They did not get better team is not better than they were lash. If anything, they worse with a good thing for them. They got been Simmons and Joel Embiid online Steeler, they start allowed to pursue that bench unit is not looking nearly that they've mentioned of leisure after the off the bio market. So this year for the Sixers, I'm real hound. It'd be like I wanna be a move. You say he's the best player in easy got into so house, Jamal Cromer saying? Nope. They should probably go off to make you out there on both of them could be via property bench. I don't see why. No, I'm not. I'm not doing this right now. I'm just I was just messing with jobs, go into. He said it'll be stopping, but he said it will be five, pow said, why. You know, stop Howard's and no situation. I know he just he would be. Yeah. We'll Santa for sure veteran. We won money. We gave signing. NBA in terms of going on somewhere else. So. Dollars things. So we mentioned a few episodes ago where you mentioned that they had a surplus of people and a past couple days Senate player there to get their roster down. So they straight, it's too. Okay. See we talk about and that just just the Anderson to Atlanta reshot homes went to Phoenix in doesn't. And then they lost Marco belt now the so that's five, but earth on Villanova were big for them though. Yeah. They have been sim has endured perfectly replacing best. That's why I was replaceable. I hope that they were going to replace him, but they really didn't get it. Ballitser would have been solid if he was staying where he wanted his bag, which I can't. I can't maids of bag for sure. It's going to be. And that's going to be a new segment. They for the free. Is that from something you. I mean, that's from somebody, but I was going to say, let's put it on the shirt, but I. No, no, no. Did the Jake? How did I thought that was just coming from you. From me to the puck is we're, they didn't Depok as they don't know who. The second unit CJ McConnell, Marquel. Wilson Chandler, which is a solid shoot. I don't know who's after Michael Scott, who they just got a treat, but who's who's fit guy. They don't have a son power, they need back Becca, four, or that they just signed that guy that, but maybe he's like, but nonetheless, that's second unit is not a shooting. Second unit, you know, like you got to interchange and peaceful Markle belly. You put them as low side. There is perfect. You can't do that with TJ McConnell as far as being that successful. So they're gonna. They're not going to start..

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