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We've no one ever said this to him even talk to him. Right. We which was funny because on Monday night. Mike Pence did an interview with hallie Jackson from MSNBC and she's just pressed him in the best way possible over the like, oh, some presidents which ones. Yeah. So listen, listen to this full court press from Halley Jackson, which former presidents told President Trump as he said that he should have built a wall all their representatives have denied that. That was the case. Well, you, you know, the president has said. That that was his impression from previous fresh. Presidents. I know. I know I've seen clips of previous presidents talking about the importance of border secure the importance of addressing the illegal immigration telling the president though, right? But look, you know, honestly, the American people. This lady. But I know that wasn't allow sure mother is just she's EPA. Okay. I'm going to be a onset today. So he can sit and talk to you. He she's running sound. He thought this up from the gecko though, because it's always been Mexico's gonna pay Mexico's gonna pay and it's like, Honey if you're going to say that you got a vet that and the the president has since the beginning of this time, the Mexican president like we are not paying for it and under no circumstances. And so then he's doubled down with this shutdown. But like I wanted the shutdown all keep the shutdown going be proud happy to do it for years. And it's like that's so you've now been incorrect caused this like financial catastrophe. I of people made a a huge issue about something that isn't a pressing issue right now with all of the other issues going on. And then I wonder do an and rush like are they like happy when he? When he reneges on something because they made fun of him like do they count that as a win or do? They not just seem like with like someone on Twitter be like your clapped back at this person. And they took it back. I feel Powell told the troll into trolls AM doesn't want a wall. She's like very against the wall from cheeses. But her thing was like you campaigned on this. We're not going to deliver it all that's the end of your president. Oh, and that's hilarious. And true. Did you know that is no one telling you? It's one of those things to it. Like, you're saying it's causing a lot of problems like you. You know, you have hundreds of thousands of people whose paid where who aren't getting paid. And then you have people who are at risk losing their federal assistance for food stamps, or if they're in housing programs that are just gonna laps because the government isn't running..

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