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Dukes, oh hi Jerry good morning. To you what's up Fender boy sell last. Night's. Baseball game there wasn't all star game play. Last. Night Jerry lots of home. Runs. Hit lots of strikeouts correct that's like the, baseball season. Exactly that's what one Bob Dwyer, said to me he. Used he used a very big term which I go gold. He, said a. Microcosm of the. Season of the baseball season yeah pretty much I. Googled, it what that. Means. Jerry is that I know Zambia right you've got covered yes so one guy, who's evening began Positively ended very poorly yeah his name is Josh. Hater, he pitches for. The. Milwaukee Brewers yes beyond with you Never heard because I, asked, him if he had gotten the Josh hater comments yes comment look on his face Al kind of. Like look you give me by bring up maybe a guy by the name. Of. Eric fame who is, this, now we're talking about this Josh Hader to see play just for the brewers yes now I'll be. Honest, Jerry the less brewers I'm. Familiar with is Ben Ogilvy cease? Cooper. And Gorman Thomas That's what they're doing well the brewers yes They're doing well. They're not doing as. Well, as they, were This. Guy very excited he's gonna pitch and, the? All star game that's a great compliment to a, career right he does, give up. A three run home run which. Was not great not great you could probably. Deal with that it's part of. Baseballs and all star game you're good. Exhibition during the game somebody who had time to do this I'm not sure one, through all of his old tweets from many a year ago seven years ago from seven years ago and uncovered, a whole. Bunch of racist, and homophobic tweets from. Josh Hader not defendable by the way he, was very bad he was seventeen years old at the time and this was all going on while the game was going on to the point where his, family members in the. Crowd who were wearing Josh hater jerseys. Do switch those. Out so they could probably get out safely Yes so he, had to address these. Us some comments after the game now his, teammate Lorenzo Cain came to his defense says he's seems to be a good guy right and we all make mistakes in the past and in fact Lorenzo, Cain said this is. Why I don't have Twitter because we We're getting to the point now where social media. Has, been around for many years at different points in in people's lives especially you know high school. Kids college, kids that are now full on adults with jobs and, then you have all that. In the, background and you're right because. USA jobs I would think if, you're going for, a job interview yes the place, you're interviewing for. Probably checks? Up on, you. And what you've done in the past I mean how that had. To, take a lot of reading Maxell seven years worth, of tweets I mean I don't know about? You I don't know what you have but. I mean I'm, not very active, on Twitter fifteen thousand tweets you do so he's I don't know I didn't look I didn't check, his profile but I'm sure. There are, many thousands of and you're. Right now I would think in, that case some, some guys probably searching keywords right, mean he's not. Going through. Every tweet Having? Any curse. Word and he. Racist word I. Would that's how that pops, up I would think so where do you stand on this all. Right Jerry and this is related, so you're Josh hater you had. A tough night what have you John Hayman And John Heyman. Tweeted this about three hours. Prior to all? This breaking Josh hater is. My new favorite all-star alright I. Named him the nicest most unassuming. All-star any gave me a lefty fist-bump I would slowly three hours later I. Would casually go to my phone and delete that tweet that's not deleted Now it's. Not so like if you're John Hayman to your race that now I would You talk about timing erases that then people screen-grabbed look what John heynen race that's true so you can Oh my Jon Heyman who you may not know who. He is Bob certainly didn't know who Josh. Hader was John. Hayman. Does yes and I'm sure he's come across. Josh, hater A. Couple of times training he said many opportunity..

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