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Time to start something new? What are you starting new the button? Yeah the Concern Nora. What are you going to start new? I'm starting to drink that new era drake. Was You Nora a rocky? I thought I thought you had a new hair. Caller what happened. It is new revealed today. No it is to be able to see it. It's not that like she's like it. Looks like more drastic than the camera? But I knew that you're not feeling like you're not lighter. I think we need to put some near lighter. You know what lifelong in my husband's hair does anybody know. Can you still get the flow? Be Because Yeah. I'm Nora I'm going to have to has met him up and offended. You won't be one of a drive through haircuts your head out the window abilene idea. Yes all right great fortune cookie. What are you starting new? Cina you know what I I got to think about that. I don't know what am I GONNA? Start new? I don't know I'm still working on a kitchen. I saw a kitchen. Right are are we. Thank you so much Yup Rate the rest of the week. Yeah you're next. Wednesday in only mode of transportation available is lever for fate with those happy Hump Day. Thank you nice to see you..

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