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One at Lincoln financial field down the street from me in Philadelphia army is a seven point favorite. Before we go any further. Here's what I'll say about this game. Okay. Go to celebrate dot com slash pick them. If you thought that the pick 'em pool was over after fourteen weeks of football. Boy, do we got news for you our friends on us. Now, we got one more one good ride in the sun. Dan. Our friends over chocolate and put together a game specifically around the army navy game. So not only just the point spread. But a couple other props nice that you can get in on just a handful to wet the whistle to keep you occupied and engaged before we get to bowl season, which we'll talk about here momentarily but army navy another gift for you. It's a historic matchup. Here's what I wanna note here before a turn it over to you. The point spread is seven only four times since we started this podcast back in two thousand eight has the margin of victory one way or the other being greater than seven points. And in fact in each of the last four matchups this has been a one score game last year. It was fourteen thirteen might remember that game. So this is typically at least recently pretty close game seven points in that setting. Even though navy's been sorta garbage this year. Feels like too many gotta throw those records out tie. I believe you do in. You gotta throw them out. It's also sort of the ultimate defacto national championship game. Isn't it? Every year. Absolutely every year. So where do you come down this game? So navy has lost eight of nine that sound right. Sure. They've lost their defense has been atrocious. They have been very very bad defensively. And armies been good army pushed Oklahoma early on to overtime. Jeff Montana thought has I think I know has done a really really good job to beat Colgate by double digits tie is not something. I'd take all that likely that is that is dominant. He has one he in the night's have won. I believe seven in a row coming into this game. I think it's going to be one of those years that it's more than seven points. Okay. I think army isn't a very very good place on neutral field. I don't believe I looked this up. The weather should be think it's cold but clear cold but clear in Philly. So I don't know if that gives I mean, if it were somewhat mucked up, I think that gives navy a somewhat of an advantage because they can't throw it all whereas army, can they? Produce those chunk plays when it opens up often. But when they do throw it generally will succeed for something interesting. So I like army here to win by a couple touchdowns. I have at twenty four to ten for the knights. Army is the better side, they took Oklahoma the gun at the end of September. You'll remember that we text them out that one and as you properly mentioned the even beat Colgate by two scores of clearly they're very serious team. Obviously they've got the armed forces bowl coming up believe against Houston. I want to say a couple of weeks, which should be a fun match up. I would never wanna lay the points here in rivalry like this. Right. I agree with everything you said but gimme navy plus the points. I think arm you wins. But I'll say twenty four eighteen just to get inside the number just to snuggle up into that line. Okay. We. And then Dan, that's really the only major college football game that I have on my wrong on my radar here. Wrong. How you favor, and I don't know if this is fully appropriate because it's not a regular season, nor is it a conference game. Will you drop that gentle gyrating girthy Drummond? You know, I'm not used to doing this. So soon after we talk about the first college game. Yeah. No, we're right. And we talked about one game at a ready. It's lightning round time here on the herbal. Yes. That's too many points. Eight is just too many points. Kota state is excellence, they have vanquished foes after photo after fo the Fargo dome is a literal probably not literal, but is the truest Hornets nest that we mentioned probably on this segments. And I can't see and tight. We like we like the Colgate. Raiders cut them using. I gotta cut this musically. Though, we got it. We gotta talk seriously about this game..

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