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I would you want to training for drew brees i took drew brees theresa for five thousand yards last yeah i probably would i i have this he's forty no right brady yet but he's marriage zell so yet he feels like he's third which still forty your there's no makeba think of a hump for the now they're going too far k you know they're going to score yeah they throw the thing about brady as they throw it i've had him twice right they throw inside the five right you know they they don't run all the time inside the five so you'll get a lot of had since he's gonna throw 35 touch 'em how many teams that are what are you took nobody took matt bryant nobody believes he can do it again matt bryant or matt ryan matt ryan thank you y'all pride yeah i think matt ryan will be great to scher i would i'd be totally thrilled if matt ryan was my fantasy quarterback more than brady you could do that now you can go we'd now the waiver wires open yet who wears zhou kept right i i'd stick with brady i just i brady scares me are certain players just jeremy brady scares me there's no way in the world i am taken a grog i don't like i just do our job believe in garang i mean you guys taken by top your draft i think you'll be heard quickly uh i think that that's a huge mistake i do not believe in in marche on lynch i don't believe after sitting out a year after a bad season in seattle marche on lynch is going to be the the savior i would not bet on marche on lynch at all i love odell beckham.

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