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We got to go to a break when we come back. It's 92 66 80 on talk radio wcbm pressure builds across the region, Sonny and cooler force out here this afternoon A light north northwest Breeze temperatures up around just over 80 here this afternoon, Right about where we should be this time of year starlit skies here tonight, temperatures dropped down to around 60 degrees outline areas in the fifties. Sunny and warmer Sunday where the mid eighties tomorrow afternoon Morva south to southwest breeze in the afternoon. Sunny and warm for Labor Day. 80. I'm Ken boom from the Weather Channel for talk radio 6 80 wcbm tuna fresco, always fresh, always Italian, located in Forest Hill, Maryland, a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant specializing in authentic Italian dishes. A relaxed, family friendly environment. Join us for lunch dinner or carry out seven days a week. Follow us on Instagram Facebook or visit us at two to fresco dot com. For our specials, promotions and information. Are you paying too much for term life insurance? There's a tremendous price war. Among the major term life Cos rates have dropped dramatically in the past few years. For example, a man age 45 non tobacco user $1 million of coverage $75 per month level rate for the next 10 years or a man aged 15 on tobacco can obtain $500,000 of coverage for a monthly premium of only $110 per month. Guaranteed not to change for the next 20 years..

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