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Fifteen Bernie Sanders fourteen still a long way to go if you've ever ridden in an ambulance you're probably familiar with how expensive that bill can get it's a price that has actually been climbing quickly over the past several years the Washington post's Christopher Rowland takes a closer look he spoke with come most Tom hustler what kind of neighborhood of my looking at to pay when that bill arrives so the average bill for an air ambulance ride these days around almost forty grand and which is a real eye popping number it's rushed out to about two hundred thirty eight dollars per mile and one of the big wrinkles of err ambulance industry is that oftentimes about two thirds of the times it's going to be out of network so you're going to get hit with the bill as the patient which is causing a lot of agree for patients and is catching a lot of attention on Capitol Hill obviously now this is obviously oversimplifying this but we can pay you know a hundred and fifty dollars to get a nice deal on an airline flight maybe a few thousand miles away and yet something that could be as short as a four or five mile ride can cost you thousands and thousands what is that what is the big issue here with that flight you know there is a significant amount of overhead for the these operations to run they invest in helicopters there are is some sense now that the industry as a whole has like basically saturated itself and has too many helicopters and airplanes that is trying to pay off to the they are trying to make up the gap but essentially there's no checks and balances here I mean there's basically nothing to keep these costs on the ground if you will and there's no we don't regulatory regime that they're out of network this other non insurance incentive to keep them down and there's a lot of private equity investment is now owning the chains that run these helicopters and you know private equity is interested in profit and so the cost just keep going up and up wow and and how does one pay for a ride and air ambulance is there a special insurance waiver is a subscription service or is this just do you figure it out they send bills and they you know they if you're on Medicare or Medicaid your is your ride is going to be mostly covered but if your if you're out of network or have no insurance you are going to receive a bill for tens about potentially tens of thousands of dollars in the mail and then you've got we you know figure out how to pay it off or I mean it's in some extreme cases go bankrupt the you you do see those stories around the country now and then it's a big problem in Congress is looking at what they're trying to do is get people is try to make it so that the patients will cover eighty in network rate and the industry however the air ambulance industry is fighting against that legislation at this time the whole piece of washingtonpost dot com written by Christopher Rowland and that's Kamel's Tom Hudler needs our help filling open positions at your place of employment or maybe you have a team in place but they're just a little too young little to green A. B. C.'s Derry all being says there's a segment of the population that's ready to help many retirees aren't ready to leave the workforce completely Karen Wagner says they can help employers who say they're having trouble filling all of their open positions we've been there done that and we like.

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