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You know i paul harvey as a kid could day now now is next paul harvey i i don't want to be the next anybody i would have the there's only one darrell perry that i can say in my like darryl to just three is that there has to be but no other terrel dover you perry's visit i'm aware of but the police chief in kowhai hawaii also named narrow perry and i i get google of news alerts about him because i like knowing when people are posting news articles about me and i get news about the police chief out there and i think there was a thing where he got suspended a couple of years ago for covering something up he might be trying to become like the state police chief for something now robert any further the art police officer care or w perry is a worthwhile preussen deserving of pride have a good night guys robert hue for the call your calls and thoughts welcome eight fifty five four fifty three that's eight five five four or five zero three seven three three you don't let's jump into this article about the norwegian ski teams sweaters us jump into that opd moore the so the winter olympics coming up in of belo we and a couple of days and well young day we are burying sweaters that some people don't like your calls and thoughts welcome eight fifty five 450 free that's eight five five four five zero three seven three three.

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