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Garbage it is val as that lose your keys he's playing brilliant basketball he's in his fifteenth year you can blame him all you want but since nineteen seventy the cavs of one forty five percent of their games my bad forty two percent of their games lebron doesn't play closer to sixty seven that he does you can blame anybody you want but this is a bottom ten roster in the nba without lebron it is garbage but colin i don't wanna hear it you were jump before him your junk when he left and you're gonna be jumping our when he leaves i don't wanna hear it you're the luckiest franchise in the world that you had him i don't wanna hear it if she leaves you guys and you're a mess she comes back your great yes she's a little needy but you can't live without her i don't want us you know what i wanna see what he leaves now statues you know what i want to see i want you to rename the city to club ron ohio i want the browns to become the bronze i want a shrine i wanna museum i want the face of lebron james on the roof of the arena 'cause you before him and you after him have i've been utterly embarrassing but it this this is the worst looking roster if you take lebron in the entire playoff picture it is a mess kyle korver is the only player made over two shot last night against the rebuilding pacers all right we by the way here's the game winner from lebron cavs radio this is fun i mean it was a great shot it shouldn't have come to this but it was a great shot.

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