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And then he'd put fifteen to thirty barrel steel barrels on top of it so the next so then frank and i were having dinner in january twenty twenty twenty twenty and why we were having dinner. He was stricken and collapse at the table. Oh new jersey. And then i i i said come on. Let's take the hospital and his girlfriend was there and she took him. He refused to go to the hospital until the following day. Then he then he was he was taking was Medevac to Hackensack medical center. Where he was put on a ventilator put into drug abuse call them oh from what he never came and so he died on march sixteen so we were in a situation where my key source was dead but i have a good friend over. Its fox news. A guy named eric sean. I'm not a big guys. Yeah not a big fan of fox news. But i but eric is a good and trusted friend of mine and eric is really own. This case since Since two thousand one as far as keeping it alive let me put it this way. Eric has kept this case alive since two thousand and one when he started working with frank sharon who was the inspiration for the the irishman or who claims he shot off in the back of the head. Right it's it's it's wonderful movie You know bad history. It's like oliver stone's movie. Jfk great cinema. Terrible history and so So eric and i started working. And i have a team Carson from carson signature films are a mark from ample entertainment again. We're not accepting any money on this thing until the body is recovered and positively identified. I do not want any comparisons to what i'm doing with what geraldo rivera back in. Nineteen that's right in his voice. Al capone's vault no comparison there. I didn't want anything less. I deserve it. what can you do. What can you do to dig up that spot. Well eric eric and i did was we. We got ground radar ground penetrating radar. We went to the spot. Where frank said the body was it was sixty sixty sixty sixty fifty about the size of a little league baseball time and the ground radar equipment detected a twelve by fifteen foot field of of of steel drums. So part of the story is absolutely true them which which means i. I've been cooperating. I mean ultimately this would be. I would be breaking so many laws local state and federal. If i tried to dig singer myself my team bow. Our and my team tried to catch you. Get the feds to do it well. We've we've been cooperating fully with law enforcement. I'm going to use it or lose it situation here right now. So i have been cooperating fully with the law enforcement community and i ll local state and federal level and this is on. This is with them now. I trust these guys. I know they're going to do the right thing. The spot is secure. And i i think that the fbi has her hands full right now. I think everybody will agree to that. I think that they have some pending considerations that deal with what's happening right now in this century as opposed to going along with me and trying to solve this unsolved this this this this unsolved mystery from the last century. So i think they're going to pick their moment to do this to more coast to coast. Am every weeknight at one am eastern and go to coast to coast am dot com.

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