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Worse some of the biggest names in hollywood yep what does this secret society do well naturally they control and steer major world affairs they mastermind events they strategically plant agents and governments and corporations in order to maintain political power and influence to establish a new world order yes yes the on february the nw oh and anyone suspected of being an alumina audie member has never admitted to being part of it and amazingly and against all odds not a single member has ever leaked provable details of the group's existence or their actions to shows you how good they are that's right how good they are yet everybody seems to know about them and that they are the most powerful group in the world that is what they want their existence through hidden symbols and at suggestions and that's right it's so it's on our dollar bill right here on the pyramid of the dollar bill well it any case so many people somehow are deeply invested in the belief that the alumina israel and that brings us to this news item which i am also dubbing the dumbest thing of the week meet mr paul healthier paul healthier is most notably a former minister of defence from canada of canada and he was involved in canadian politics for many many decades now according to a recent report in the british online tabloid the daily star and it's also a story that has recently been picked up by more conventional outlets such as the daily mail and international business times paul hellier is believed to be the highest ranking politician to profess a belief in the alumina audie and yes in a recent interview heavier said that the aluminum body was real and powerful and also they continue to wage needless wars and focus on profits rather than stopping climate change okay so it's kind of touching on some important issues of the day in a sense and attributing it to.

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