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As though they're now trying to amalgamate their own efforts officially with the u n efforts in really a final effort to bring the west on board and try to settle this thing so is this russia trying to shift the responsibility i think that we're looking at the start of putin's new term probably his last term we're also looking at a russia and russian electorate which is which has qualms about military engagements abroad and i think russia has to decide how far it's inzerillo military for the long term and it seems to me it doesn't want to be that military for the long term so it wants an international effort to try and settle things i think they're probably in the long term longer term they won't elections they want to new constitution and they want the power of president assad limited in a way it hasn't been before but of course this is going to take quite an time time i'm around how much do you think of russia's actions in syria would to do with support of assad himself i think that assad was always seen by russia less as as it were president assad the to cry dictator as damned by the west and he was seen as a as the only possible mechanism for keeping as much of syria together as was possible to keep together and i think that russia's prime aim in syria was to prevent the place falling apart and they had the back of their minds they had the vision of iraq they had the vision of libya and they wanted to avoid that at all costs because you know not only was disorder on that level seen as about thing per se but also that it was dangerous specifically for russia because of geographic is syria is much closer to russia and to russia's southern flank which is the least secure bit of russia what's of the united states role in syria.

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