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To the right of fox news and they they're all sorts of strange and often factually inaccurate reports and they ran a report it was based on a blog post by an anonymous person they were suggesting somehow this seventy five year old man who was knocked over by police and critically injured was somehow using out his cell phone is kind of police scattered so you know when working on behalf of the feet out so it's pretty deep in that conspiratorial weeds and again it's kind of shocking the president would even raise this issue and try to promote and it's that kind of thing that sort of sounds an alarm within your team Hey that and I wonder do you struggle with the idea oh my god this is so out of sight of anything that is remotely factual we shouldn't waste our time on it or do you say no we have to because it is so far outside of we need to try to tether it to something in reality well there was there been times when we've sent notices so far out of line jump worth doing there already five articles in Washington's website dealing with this and then we regret it afterwards because it becomes an issue so I thought in the case of the buffalo man it was important to get something down so that we could refer to it in the future if it comes up again I have gotten got a sick sense of when trump is going to you know it's not a one off thing but he's going to actually make an issue out of it so I kind of feel like this might be a case of that in the case of Joe Scarborough I mean it's not a dozen times you said that so that was a case of you know we've got to get this down for the record because it looks like it'll be a bottomless but okay very good that's the voice of Glenn Kessler he and his team Salvador Rizzo make Kelly are the authors of a new book Donald Trump and his assault on truth for our radio audience said the group say farewell those on podcast platforms and CBS and stay tuned for the take out take express you know where I'm gonna lancer the keep question for you kids if you want to grow up and be a fact checker how do you do that we'll talk to going about that on the other sides break I'm major Garrett for the radio on and thanks for joining us we'll see you next week you've been listening to take out with major Garrett follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram takeout podcast that.

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