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The king is you know. They drafted a tackle. And he's out for the season in st Jason peters these now with a calf injury is given his history They jason peters has an injury history. Because i think because jason pierce had the bulking up tight ends tack away back started screw. Interest is always. Have these this injuries. Then they brought in a merry room and the rookie here. The here zank. So if they're opposite line is no better than it looks against the rams in ramseyer tump asking their wives. I think you'll see feels earlier. Rather than later. because he can move. Yes in the pocket and you might be able to get alive longer than than the that would be worried that that throwing into the though they if they make that move well. Yeah but they may not have a chance. And that's that's the thing and and nowadays when you draft a guy like that is very few teams that can draft a quarterback early and then keep him on the bench rhino at as the momentum builds to to play it. I mean i naturally you can do it now. That's the one best interesting part because of the first round rookie contract. She actually afford to do. You should knocking big money. But teams don't are are loads to. Okay let's move green bay which we've already refugee. Show a stroke from them. As i tweeted as i tweeted this morning. Aaron rodgers pointing. He says i'll take embarrassing. Losses for thousand dollar yeah q. The jeopardy gags fly around left right and center. He felt to me at one point earlier. When it was going for bats was reminded me of the bad agent. Cooper from the new series a twin peaks roaches do. He he looks so petulant as these long and you know. Mammoth fleur the weird thing. Jimmy was watching it. Their offense looked like it. Was mike mccarthy back in you know it. they didn't. It was very little imagination. And they gave up on the run very early on and it was a series of and and the key to this game though and he every put everything into perspective. The i hadn't realized i kick myself are not realizing with the saints requested jacksonville reason because rogers's never played well in florida and it's true and why not the was. That was the thing. I think the heat is having and the fat guy on the packers line and line is not ready. You know we we think of them always having a good offensive line. Rogers generally makes it look a little bit better and the young players have not quite been coached to big ready But the real the real thing is it was it was up front that game one by the saints. Their offense of line played very well Against against the packers. I didn't think the packers needs to be more aggressive than they were kind of like a much more than less joe berry The key play the gateway not the key player in the game because they were losing their one. Chance to get back in the game. Was that horrible roughing. The passer call various smith when they finally get some fresh and Of the smith brothers was the one. You didn't have great nausea. He does everything exactly right. If it hitting quarter avoids voids there goes goes with the shoulder yet. In the middle of the chest doesn't slam that our guest push it yet. Nato the plan. I even carreira was brought in and said he was flabbergasted. Yeah you talk about the saints line. You make a great point that because it was ugly on both sides of the booth the green bay and they couldn't get any pressure a tool. Winston was pressed on just four of twenty drop. So the to obviously insulated. You know the defense playing poorly pressure on the offensive force. The issue had the red zone. Pick as well but on the on the packers offensive line because this is an interesting stop producer all dugout a for nfl next. Jonathan rogers competed as four fifteen when he had more than two and a half seconds to throat which i thought was interesting that on the offensive line. It's really interesting. Because that's the key. The gang the saints basically played may add coverage the whole game and and and when he wasn't in the slot they had a lot of war on seattle's their secondary played bryant. But rogers didn't have people to throw to. Everyone was man covered man cockerpoo. Well he had to consistently make really good throws just to get minimal minimal yard and to me. That was the key to gate. Now the pressure help obviously And you don't get the you don't get that kind of coverage without being able to get. But i would've loved j. mrs stats. If he hadn't completed that lasts such as the air. Because he would have had four touchdown passes on less than one hundred countries. Ya he would. It would would have been beautiful. Waste comeback player of the year mike. Shortly after that he could he could. Well be although we forget he. He was mistake pro. Obviously in tampa last year in tampa went seven. Nine hundred thirty touchdown. That's over five hundred yards. He just had. And i was looking you know. Look at the receivers for new orleans. Michael thomas is thomas. Is there devante right in high draft right trae. Quad smith is out Rask the guys are all undrafted. Free agents who they signed himselves calloway. Joe johnson diatta harris from assumption college and newell jordan. Humphries chris hogan from the league older had a td catch. I mean and he was. He's one of the few was was time gumri. Dx packer mishota. Randall comes back at greg. Jessop say all of their guys who like other peoples undrafted guys that got released but they dropped maury maury rogers. Aaron rodgers relate to believe in around three. The west could out with. My point is being long winded as usual..

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