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Today, buddy? I'm doing good. I'm doing good. You know what has happened? Drew Grabow held through whole commercial break. Firstly, and I appreciate that very much. Well, that's okay. Drug Arabo, Caleb, but my twin brother, Caleb, just win to best buy for me today, Right? And he found me a DVD player, a portable CD player like the one that I had Drew Perabo and my and my old CD player wasn't working right yesterday, so So, So today, I got a new CD player from Caleb and and he went and picked it up for me. He wouldn't pick it up for me and I love my brother Drew grab. I just absolutely loved my brother. You got a great brother. He's an excellent twin. He really takes care of you. And I know Jacob. Your mom would be so frigging proud of the job that Caleb continues to do to make sure that you're taking care of my body. Yep. And Yep. In the name of this game is called Song Quiz. True Grab one. Now, Beefy intro is a game where you have to play it fast. But his song quizzes a game where you have to take your time now. Now. Now. Now I had so many opponents and let me tell you what, and and let me tell you what my opponent's name was the other day. Okay, Okay. Okay. Now go grab this made me laugh the other day. What was it? I was playing a game called song quickly the other day, and she likes your opponent is krona from Virus Way. You're really playing in the Corona virus, where you because if you had beaten that might not be deal with these numbers right now. I don't know. I don't do girl. But anyways, the name of the game is stung. Quiz and song quiz. It's Yeah, well, what do you think of this? So, Joey Flash during the commercial break Thought of the name for when you call and you and Drew are you and I face off and we call it jukebox hero when we find out who today's jukebox hero will be. Could we call it that? Yeah, without pissing off foreigner, probably right. Yeah, without making foreigner mad. You mean sorry about language Know I'm sorry, right? It's funny. I used to play that song Pop online to that that on Facebook. I got addicted to playing that for awhile and my ex girlfriend, and But whenever I play with a stranger I'd never play against like Corona virus would always be like Shaggy boy. 69 like that, Jacob, you know, alright, Wait. So so, Jacob Jukebox hero work for you, then, right? Yes. All right. Guests. Guests go first. How do we do? Do we measure the amount of time that it takes John? I thinks I think so. Because and you're going to play songs for Jacob. And I'm gonna play different songs for you. Right? Okay. Perfect. All right, Jacob, you ready? Tell me this nineties, we go artist and title. And if you don't know both, you have to pass. All right. All right. Here we go. Go in. 321 John.

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