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I tended the LIZA Minelli David guest wedding, Diana Ross, Donald Trump Mia Farrow, Rosie O'Donnell, Martha Stewart joy Behar Anthony Hopkins. Kirk Douglas, Dionne Warwick, David Hasselhoff, Joan Collins, just to name a few. In Manchester beyond and even though it was the fourth trip down the aisle. Liza Minnelli told people that David guests was the one he was everything I ever dreamed of in the man, his humor his authority his manliness. Anthony Hopkins you say him. And so they exchanged vows at this marble, collegiate church, but it was the church that had ever talking after saying, I do lies the said, David you don't ever have to live life without me. And he said, can I kiss you? Then and joy Behar described it on the view the next day is he sucked her lips right out of her face. The Smoot was enough to even make Donald Trump blush. He told Liz Smith at the New York Post, I'd been the met many weddings, and I've never seen a kiss like that before after the wedding, the eight hundred and fifty people moved down over to the regent, Wall Street hotel. Can you imagine how much? There was a sixty piece orchestra all my gosh, fifty four entertainment acts in clearly forty four including Gloria Gaynor's singing. I will survive..

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