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The number is four zero one seven two seven twenty seven twenty seven. It's absolutely amazing. I love that letter from Shelly that is the Hitomi of humanity that is absolutely embodying, protect preserve and pass along. Absolutely. It's not about me. It's about us. I think that is something that is absolutely needed nowadays. It's it's civility it's entity. It's it's absolutely gorgeous. And if we could spread that around a little bit, I know I would smile little more. I would hug a little deeper. I would I would absolutely feel like it's okay to love a little more. And I think I truly believe I want that in my life more. Absolutely. I mean, it's amazing. How humbling some of these letters are to realize the impact that just being human has on a person not only for their retirement, but just for their overall wellbeing. Yeah. Well, this is a great show if you are just tuning in. You're listening to retirement factory. We are talking about you. Euclid 's philosophy our philosophy at the shop here is to protect preserve and pass long. We think about that in a financial level. We also think about that on a humidity level, we think about that and educational level. It is absolutely in our DNA. It is absolutely our canons of the way, we treat people. It is kindness. And it is hope and it is here for you. You have a very very open door policy, and we're begging you to take us up on an invitation swing and a half a Cup of coffee with us if you'd like to go mug, please come on in have a Cup of coffee have a quick chat. We might even have some cookies leftover but come on in. And we'll get you to go mug. When we come back. We are going to definitely have more. Caroline to do. We have a great song coming up. If you've never heard Euclid hokey pokey. Well, you've never heard it from the tears if you have a 4._0._1._K you're going to want to stick around because it's the well, it's the how to it was a great day when we recorded it in. It's a great day.

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