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Meteorologist Tim McGill some peeks of sun force early today maybe some sprinkles like most of the day just mostly cloudy because you spice prickle sharp pop up later on this afternoon especially north hiding your fifty degrees tonight partly cloudy colder down around thirty one thirty two tomorrow a mix of clouds sun force but I think we'll become mostly sunny as we get towards the latter part of the morning to a lots of sunshine during the afternoon with a high of just forty five colder on Wednesday concealable light rain or snow in the morning then mostly cloudy forty two in the coldest couple days Thursday and Friday Thursday partly to mostly sunny thirty four Friday partly to mostly sunny just thirty five and to make up for the double jump on the center forty seven degrees saddle here forty seven at the lake front on Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN here sleeping last night tonight's win men's good three two in overtime the rest of the week.

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