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Country singer merle haggard i mitch davis and that's your on this date update brad davis radio show only on the talk of connecticut and here we are friday morning and my friend he is this guy i'll put him up against anybody as a producer on radio any station is none better eric urbanowicz he gets the stories he's working all the time all the time and i really appreciate what he what he does okay let's look at sports at a quarter of six in the morning and the yankees lost lost the orioles five to two last night they continue their series and played the orioles again tonight at seven o'clock the mets beat the nationals eight to two and the red sox knocked off the raise three two in extra innings nba the nets defeated the bucks one nineteen to one eleven national hockey league the bruins lost to the panthers three two to the devils defeated the maple leafs two to one and the islanders a beat the rangers two to one well the masters continues today and jordan spaeth is the leader after the first day he leads by two stroke v is a tremendous young golfer just tremendous now tiger woods everybody was saying that he is really playing some great golf well he is in twenty ninth place right now one stroke over par so but he can catch up whether he will or not remains to be seen and a speaking of of golf and speaking of the masters in nineteen fifty eight on the date arnold palmer won his first career masters and he he won four overall and there's only one golfer one golfer who one more and that's shack nicklaus and nicklaus won six masters tournaments okay that is sports this morning now let me give you the numbers at five a five i guess five.

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