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Him and dealing or keeping Renfro, they might get him. I think that they look at Renfro as a really good player at $3 million. What a $100 million. I mean, is he going to repeat the number? I mean, he put up career numbers this year. Yeah, but you know, it's like, that last image of him. I mean, I've thrown that's unfair to him, but it is a terrible, terrible ALCS. And, you know, he's a good player to have, but you also have to remember. I mean, number one, yeah, he played above the back of his baseball card. It was a good year for him. No question about it. But you have to be a little bit wary and I think that this is where schwarber comes in maybe. People say, well, why schwarber is going to fit? You got to remember. I mean, going into last year, frenchy Cordero was in the outfield rotation because he hit from the left side. So, you know, I think that there's still like there still is that dynamic of maybe hunter Renfro isn't the absolute everyday guy. Hugely valuable, but it's 7 million if they can get a guy who they feel is it not chop? They're going to go get them. Who is, and I can't remember his name and I'm going to probably have to look it up here. Lenny Randall. I can't remember his name. Great. Now the the bench player that Alex Cora loved this year that nobody could ever understand why anything Tana. Let me stand up. A lot of people in the press box tracks were saying that didn't as a modern day letting Randall. I'm sure they were. I'm sure they were. Yeah, I never quite got the Danny Santana. Get in line. I mean, we're going to look back at like in Cora's defense. There wasn't a lot of options when you get to the end of the end of the bench there at the end..

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